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Just as I was waking this morning, and even before I was fully awake, I sensed and heard "rapid answers", and knew it had to do with answered prayers. I specifically felt there was going to be an increase in praying a prayer one day, or even one evening, and waking up with the answer the next morning.

That which used to take sometimes a while to receive an answer on, in many cases will be answered very quickly. Some answers will be in regards to wisdom, revelation, and guidance where it has been requested, and others will be actual miracles, healings, and manifestations of "turnarounds" in finances and other things. 🔃

The "turnaround time" is going to become very quick regarding when a prayer is prayed and seeing the answer to said prayer. Many will be so fast, that it will take people by surprise. I also sensed angels being dispatched to bring these answers, and pushing through the delays and push back from the enemy.

I come into agreement with this and say ~

We receive the rapid increase in prayers answered, and miracles manifesting, in many different areas. Let it be so Lord, according to Your purpose and plan! We receive the partnering of Your Holy angels to do that which You have sent them forth to do, and bring that which You have purposed them to bring to us without delay!

We partner with heaven in declaring that Your Kingdom comes, and Your will is done, on earth as it is in Heaven..and in our lives! That which has been purposed in heaven for our lives, our ministries, our businesses, our relationships...will manifest in the earth realm, and quickly without delay! 🙏🏻🔥⌛

We declare all of this in the mighty name of Jesus (Yeshua the Messiah)!

In prayer and expectation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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