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The Jubilee Gate of 5784!

We have entered through the door of the "New Year" at Rosh Hashanah, and now the "Gate" of Yom Kippur. But what have we crossed over into? A new year, for certain. Open doors, closed doors, and a time where we sense the weight of what He is calling us to in the Kingdom, ever pressing into our present time. 

So many of us have looked forward to this time we have now entered, looked forward to this “Timed Gate”. We cross over a gate every year at this time, but this one is different. Is it because it is 5784, and the 4 in Hebrew represents an “Open door”? Perhaps that is part of it…but is there more?? Yes, there is more! 

For several weeks leading up to these "feast" and Holy days on God's calendar, I kept sensing that this was a different crossing over, but I wasn’t sure how? I asked the Spirit to show me. I kept researching, and after some time, I found a remarkable discovery in several places that I almost couldn't believe.

I honestly wasn’t sure if I should believe it or not, as others weren’t really discussing it, but the more I researched and prayed into what I had found, the more I knew that the Lord was showing me the significance of this “gate” we were moving into. This was confirmed several times, through multiple sources.

So, what was it I found out in my research? At first, I thought that the Lord was showing me that this was a Shemita year on the Hebrew calendar, meaning the one year in seven where the land rests, debts are forgiven, and there is a type of “peace” and resting. But no, it wasn’t that, as the Shemita was last year, in 2022. So why was this year so special, a stepping into a new season, unlike many others, even more significant than the Shemita year? Well, you see, after 7 Shemita cycles (7x7 =49), there is the 50th year, known as the Jubilee year!

I actually found that compelling “archaeological and prophetic evidence suggests the ram’s horn announcing the 70th Year of Jubilee will sound on the Day of Atonement on September 25th, 2023”.

Yes, that’s right people of God, THIS IS OUR JUBILEE YEAR!! I’m not only speaking in a spiritual sense, but historically speaking, this is actually the Jubilee year on the biblical calendar!


This day will announce the 70th Year of Jubilee ~ You heard that right…there have been 70 – fifty year cycles since Joshua led Israel to enter the promised land in 1406 BC!

This is not just us declaring “It’s Our Jubilee Year!!” This really is THE Jubilee Year! Many of us, who are under the age of 50, have never even been on the earth when there was an actual Jubilee Year…but now we will be!

This 70th Year of Jubilee will celebrate our release from the toils of this world, and the restoration of our ancient spiritual inheritance in God’s kingdom! This is why there has been such warfare leading up to this particular gate/time. This is why the enemy has been fighting so hard. He wanted us to give up before we entered this gate, or simply stop believing for what the Lord has promised!

Now, many would argue that it can’t be a Jubilee year, as the Jews themselves do not celebrate the Jubilee any longer, and will not until all the twelve tribes are back in Israel again. Yet still, I felt the Lord speaking to me about this, and He showed me that just because they refuse to celebrate or observe it, does not mean that He does not, nor does it mean that we should not. The Lord set up the Jubilee Year, and He alone can stop it! I believe He wants us to recognize, live in, and celebrate this Jubilee Year. 

So what does this mean for us, as God's remnant believers?


The Jubilee Year is a time of restoration, it is a time of abundance, it is time of double portion! It is a time where what has been taken from us, must be returned, just as it is declared in Joel 2 ~ “All the years that the locust have eaten, the cankerworm, the caterpiller, and the palmerworm”. All the reaping that we have been waiting for, but which has seemingly been delayed. It is a time of restitution.

The Jubilee Year, was a time of “personal liberty, restitution of property, and a return to a simpler way of life, a life of peace.”

One source put it this way, in regards to the deeper meaning of what the Jubilee Year means:

"The deepest meaning of it (the Jubilee Year) is to be found in the restoring of all that which in the course of time was perverted by man's sin, in the removing of all slavery of sin, in the establishing of the true liberty of the children of God, and in the delivering of the creation from the bondage of corruption to which it was subjected on account of man's depravity". (Romans 8:19)

I truly believe this is the time that many of us have been warring for, contending for, and believing for, some of us for many years. I also honestly believe this is for more than just a year for many of His remnant people, but a season of time. A season where many things are restored, many reap what they have sown for years without a harvest, and restitution comes in more ways than we can even comprehend!


I believe that this is truly a big part of the “Best of Times” that the Lord has shown me was coming, although I did not realize at the time that this was a part of it! It is a Kairos time, like never before, for us to step into that which has been stored up for us, for such a time as order that we may do what He has for us to do in the Kingdom in this hour in history...even in the midst of great darkness that is covering the earth, and more that is coming!


Declare with me, remnant of the Lord, that you are now stepping into your Jubilee season, and all that the enemy has attempted to stop, delay, or abort, will now come forth...and those who have gone out weeping, will come with shouts of JOY, bringing your sheaves with you! 

While typing this out, I sensed the Lord wanted me to release this, and have you agree with me:

Declare with me now ~ THIS IS MY JUBILEE YEAR ~ All that is mine in this season, that has been laid up for me for this Kairos time will now come forth, as a child ready for birth...for I have sown good seed, in good ground, and the Lord will not let me sow in vain, but He will bring the harvest! A harvest of health, financial freedom, family restoration, alliances, miracles, and restitution of many things that were seemingly lost! Kingdom alignments, Kingdom assignments (with funding beyond what is needed for the vision), and Kingdom manifestation! 

I also heard this: 

For all the tears that have been shed, there will be a season of joy unspeakable and full of Glory! For the Glory of the latter house will be greater than the former...and those who have interceded and wept for the departure of the Glory of the Lord from His house, will see it come in greater measure in this hour! Yes greater than it has been experienced before, you will experience and see and hear now...for the Spirit of the Lord is brooding over His people even now, and His wind will begin to blow, and His wildfires will spread unto the uttermost parts of the earth! 


In great excitement and JOY,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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