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I have been compiling this word for several weeks, and although it is not the totality of what I have been sensing/seeing, it is a portion of it. I will share more as I can in the days to come. Please be on the lookout for those words, both here and on my website. #Prophecy #PrayAndPrepare 🙏⚠️

Shifting In Nations:

I have sensed strongly for the last several weeks, that much change is coming between now and the end of this year, and before the winter season is over. The seemingly "quiet lull" we have been in, will come to an end quickly.

➡️ There will be a rapid succession of events that will occur around the globe in different nations, that will cause lots of shifting and rearranging of quite a number of things globally. Many of these things will be difficult, and it will seem chaotic for a time. Some things will ultimately bring good change in the end...some things will not. These events will range from national events in governmental structures, to weather events in many different nations, and other things I am not fully able to release at this time. Again, many of these will be in rapid succession. 🌎🗺🔜

I knew when I saw what has happened in Afghanistan over the last few weeks, that this was the beginning of the major shifting that I have been sensing and speaking about was coming since July. This is the beginning of many changes and shifts with nations and leaders.

➡️ There will be some deaths that will cause great shifts in many spheres. Even deaths among leaders.


Myself and many others I have spoken with, have sensed a very strong urgency to pray against terrorist attacks here in the U.S. I have sensed this for a number of months, and have shared this with some I know over the summer, and many others have said they felt the same when I shared it with them. Several have sent me things just this week regarding this. I also sense the enemy is wanting and planning to do this in other nations of the world as well, specifically in Europe.

The enemy is wanting to do much damage though these, and we must pray and be on high alert regarding this. Pray for the enemies plans to be foiled by whatever means necessary!

Shifting In Weather:

➡️ There will be great upheaval in weather and other natural disasters. I do not sense that we have seen the worst of the hurricanes that will hit the U.S. this year. We need to be in prayer about a very large one that will affect the eastern part of the U.S. Also pray against more coming from the Gulf. I sense at least one or maybe even 2 very large and destructive storms before this year is over. Let's pray they will not be able to fully form and create the damage they could.

I sense earthquakes will also be on the rise throughout the end of this year, both here in the U.S. and around the world.

I have also sensed major snowstorms and bitter cold/blizzards will happen here in the U.S. and in other nations of the world this winter. This will happen in places that we usually expect, but more places at once, more intense storms, and affecting larger areas for a longer period of time. This will also happen in places that are not expected, like the winter storm that hit TX earlier this year.

Praying for God's people to be prayed up and prepared for all of these things!

There is more awakening and glory being revealed that will happen also, during this same time. I will be sharing more on that,and other things, as the Lord releases me to do so.

In prayer,

Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer

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