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Below is an excerpt from a word I released Sept 10th, 2021...

I believe what we are seeing now in many parts of the world is part of what I, and many others, were sensing, but I do believe there is quite a bit more to come before the end of March. This will set this stage for many things to shift rapidly through the rest of this year. Remember, this is not a time for God's people to be in fear, but to know He is with us, no matter what we walk through. He is our shield, and hides us under the cover of His wings! However, I do believe it is time for us to #PrayAndPrepare like never before, both in the natural and in the spiritual. 🙏👇⚔


"I have sensed strongly for the last several weeks, that much change is coming between now and the end of this year, and further before the winter season is over (March 19th). The seemingly "quiet lull" we have been in, will come to an end quickly.

➡️ There will be a rapid succession of events that will occur around the globe in different nations, that will cause lots of shifting and rearranging of quite a number of things globally. Many of these things will be difficult, and it will seem chaotic for a time. Some things will ultimately bring good change in the end...some things will not. These events will range from national events in governmental structures, to weather events in many different nations, and other things I am not fully able to release at this time. Again, many of these will be in rapid succession. 🌎🗺🔜

➡️ There will be some deaths that will cause great shifts in many spheres. Even deaths among leaders.

➡️ There will be great upheaval in weather and other natural disasters.

I have also sensed major snowstorms and bitter cold/blizzards will happen here in the U.S. and in other nations of the world this winter. This will happen in places that we usually expect, but more places at once, more intense storms, and affecting larger areas for a longer period of time. (*As of today 2/24/22, this has already happened a lot this winter, but I sense more coming before winter is officially over)

Praying for God's people to be prayed up and prepared for all of these things! 🙏🙏🙏

There is more awakening and glory being revealed that will happen also, during this same time. I will be sharing more on that,and other things, as the Lord releases me to do so." ✨

In prayer,

Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer

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