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I felt the Lord speak to me last night, that the "Rioters" were rising up, as a counterfeit to the "Reformers" that He is raising up in this hour!

One is sent by the enemy to bring chaos, violence, and anarchy. One is sent by the Lord to bring reform, true change, and restoration of His Kingdom. Do not get the two confused!

Excerpt from original word released 10/31/16:


I heard the Lord say ~ "I will cause many Reformers to arise in this next season, and they will begin to call for a "Reformation", they will call out those things that need to be changed, those things that have been My Church, in the governments, even those things done in secret that are not discussed.

These Reformers will have the anointing and tenacity of Martin Luther, and they will not back down from the truth, regardless of what others think, say, or do. They will begin to declare "Enough is Enough!", and will stand up against what they know to be wrong, even in the face of much persecution, knowing that I have called them for this hour to stand for truth and justice! They will stand between the porch and the altar, they will intercede, they will raise a standard of righteousness, and they will begin to birth the Awakening that I have ordained for this hour!

These that I am raising up will have no fear of man, but will have reverential fear of Me alone ~ they will only strive to please My heart, and will listen to My Voice alone! They will burn with a desire to see My truth come forth, to see My light shine in the darkness. They will stand against injustice ~ they will stand against compromise ~ they will walk in My Glory, and be branded with the Fire of My holiness!

They will stand against the altars of Baal that have been raised up, and like Gideon, they will be the ones to tear down even the altars that were raised by their father's house. They will stand for truth, and expose lies ~ they will stand in light, and expose darkness! They will know and expose the difference in the holy and the profane.

They will be of every race, of every tribe, of every generation, both male and female. My Spirit will be with them and will guide them, as they follow His leading into the battle ahead. They will be lead by My wisdom, and will know when to speak and when to stay silent. They will know when to move, and when to stay still. They will know when to war, and when to love. They will understand the balance in My judgments, and they will move, as I do, in as much justice as they do love.

You will see these Reformers arise in many different spheres of business, in education, in media & arts, in government, and most importantly, in My Church. They have been brought into the Kingdom for such a time as this, and I will raise them up, to lead a revolution among My people, among those in governmental seats, and in many other spheres in the earth, even in the world's systems. Now is the Time....begin to declare: REFORMERS ARISE!!"

So I stand in my place, and I declare: REFORMERS ARISE!! Arise from every corner of the earth, from every wilderness place! Arise and take your place...Arise and bring the Reformation and Awakening that is so needed in this hour! Arise in courageous boldness and take back the territory the enemy has stolen! Arise and Shine!!

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