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Many of you have read my post from yesterday about the intense warfare that we, as well as many others we know within the remnant have been in for some time, but especially over the last few weeks.

I believe this warfare has intensified in many ways during this season of Purim. Remember, Purim is remembering how God used a simple orphan to save a nation. There would be no Israel without Esther’s (Hadassah) prayers and intercession for God’s people and purposes. But before she could save them, she had to step fully into her destiny as Queen. You see, it was not simply happenchance that caused the King to choose her, it was God. Had she not been in her place as Queen, and brought into the Kingdom for such a time, she would not have been in a place to save her people, and indeed the whole nation of Israel.

Her destiny was not just to be Queen, but it was to save her people. Haman’s goal (or moreso, Satan’s goal through Haman) was to destroy the entire Jewish race. In doing so, he would have destroyed Esther also. While he was conniving behind her back, God was setting up a comeback, a “turnaround”, which is exactly what Purim celebrates…the turnaround of the death edict, and their ability to fight and win over the enemies that wanted to destroy them.


Many have expressed that over the last several weeks, and especially this last week, they have felt an overwhelming sense of discouragement, hopelessness, and the desire to “just give up”. This is specifically for those who are in leadership currently within the body of Christ, and even those who feel called to do something in the Kingdom at some point in the future. I have felt this as well, even though I knew I never would.

There was much mental onslaught and warfare, which was especially felt by prophetic people, but also by those in other spheres within the body (apostles, pastors, etc). When I say “give up”, I don’t mean giving up on the Lord, but simply on the purpose, on the very thing you feel you’re called to do, on the ministry/business/assignment that you’ve felt called to. Why? Because we are tired. Because the warfare has been that great. Because he has tried to convince us that it will never fully manifest, and what we are doing doesn't matter. HE IS A LIAR...and the father of it!

Please hear me, Remnant of the Lord…


If Esther was called “into the Kingdom for such a time as this”, then the fullness of her destiny was only realized when she did that which she was called to do…to strategically expose the enemy’s plans, to intercede for her people, and to save a nation. That was her destiny. That was what the enemy was fighting. This was her inheritance, even the nation and her own people!

Just like Esther, many of you have been called into the Kingdom for such a time as this, and this is not just about you…it is about all those who will come after you! It is about all of those who are getting ready to come into the Kingdom, and your role in helping them in that! This is about the destiny that you were birthed into the earth to fulfill, and multiplied thousands, even millions of lives are at stake! "Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance..." - Psalm 2:8

I believe Haman worked under the influence of a political spirit, as well as a Jezebel spirit…we see him using the political sphere in government, as well as the jealous, controlling, manipulating tactics of Jezebel. High level spirits can operate in both.

These are the same spirits in operation to this day. They seek to subvert, annihilate, and abort destinies. One of the main ways they can abort a destiny is simply to intimidate you, to get you into fear, discouragement, or hopelessness in order to get you to give up.

The enemy has been in an all out war against your destiny, and he is throwing every punch he can…physically, mentally, relationally, spiritually. He is after your inheritance in the Kingdom…that which the Lord has given you to fulfill, and that which He has given for you to take dominion over!

With revival fires stirring, and awakening happening throughout this land and the nations of the world, it is the enemy’s way of trying to hit back and stop what God has in store, and also to diminish and even annihilate what God has purposed for you to do at this time in the Kingdom. You have a role to play in what is happening, and even more so in what is coming. The enemy wants to make you feel like “you’re not enough”, “God must have called the wrong person”, and any other number of lies and discouraging thoughts. This is all to get you to abort the mission, abort the destiny.

You don’t think Esther battled with these thoughts? Who am I to do this? I’m just a simple orphan girl. Maybe God called the wrong person? But He had not. This was her destiny, not by her own might, but by the Spirit of God that was upon her!

I’m telling you now, there are many waiting on you to step fully into what He has called you to do. You were not born 100 years ago, you were not born 1,000 years ago, you were born NOW ~ FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS ~ TO BE HIS AMBASSADOR IN HIS KINGDOM! You may not step fully in tomorrow, or even next month...but you will! Maybe you have some more training, a few more assignments you need to complete, but you will get there, and it is probably coming sooner than you think. Keep pressing, and ask the Spirit to help you to stay steadfast in what He has for you to do!

"Create in me a clean heart Oh God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me!"

- Psalm 51:10

As you lean further into His Spirit for empowerment, for strength when you have none, and for the grace to stand when you feel like you can’t, you will make it through, and begin to step further into that which He has called you to. NOW IS YOUR TIME, and the enemy wouldn’t be fighting you so hard, he wouldn’t be sending so many of those lies and fiery darts to your mind, if he were not afraid of what you would become!

You will come through this, and there will be a turnaround, where the enemy is hung in his own gallows that he had set up for you, and that Jezebel spirit is thrown down by her own eunuchs. The time is NOW…and he is fighting harder than ever before, because your destiny is greater than you have imagined!

With the awakening and revival fires that are stirring, you (and what you are called to do) will be very needed in the Kingdom. If he can get you to abandon your post, just before the fullness of this awakening happens, you will not get to see the spoils of war, and you will forfeit your full inheritance. Stay at your post, remnant army, and having done all...STAND!! Stay on the assignment until He calls you off of it, even if it is slow progress, and even if all hell is breaking loose around you.

May you be strengthened with might in your inner man/woman this day, BY HIS SPIRIT!

I sense that the wind of the Spirit of God is giving many a new burst of renewed power and strength even now…even this week! I see Him filling your sails once again, and movement is coming to your ship/vessel! I see the Lord also sending reinforcements to His weary ones. Some are ministering spirits (angels) sent from heaven to minister and strengthen, and others will be fellow comrades who will lift up your arms, encourage you, and help you in this hour!

We are living in a great hour, where our assignments in the Kingdom will mean more than ever before, and the harvest will be great…the enemy wants to steal the harvest, but we declare that he will not be able to!

We declare that the enemy of our souls (the devourer) will not steal the inheritance of what God has for us, and he will not cause us to abort our destiny! We were called into the Kingdom for such a time as this, and WE WILL FULFILL THAT WHICH WE WERE BORN TO FULFILL!

Thank you, Lord, for supernatural strength for your remnant to overcome…an overcoming anointing to drop on Your people even now! WE ARE OVERCOMERS ~ WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS, THROUGH YOU LORD, AND BY THE POWER OF YOUR SPIRIT!

Esthers Arise, Deborahs Arise, Elijahs Arise, Moses’ Arise, Jehus’ Arise, Pauls Arise…Remnant of the Lord ARISE! For you have been called for this hour in history, and the Master has need of you in His Kingdom, for such a time as this!

All for Him,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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