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⚠️🙏🏻We need to be in prayer against spirits of jealousy (demons of murder and rage operate under this strongman) that have been and are being released in our nation. Jezebel also operates in tandem with this spirit. They are working to cause another "civil" war and division in many areas.🌀

I also sense the enemy has released this same spirit of jealousy on greater levels from certain other nations, causing a greater level of hate, and the desire to attack us. They want to bring war to our shores. This spirit works through the hearts of men and women, especially targetting those in leadership.

I have shared this before in March, but I am releasing again, that we need to be in prayer against the enemy from without, who is wanting to strike the U.S. while we are distracted with what is happening in our nation from within.

He is stirring up jealousy from within our nation, and from without, and all of the demons and other rulers of darkness that function with those strongmen.

We need strategies from heaven to fight against these evil plans of the enemy. Praying for those to be released on a high level in this hour!

Now is not a time for God's people to fear, but to trust Him with all your heart. 💖#FaithNotFear #PrayForAmerica #GodStrategies #PrayAndPrepare

In prayer,

Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer

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