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At certain points in history, the church (and certain nations) have had to go through very difficult times. These were not for destruction, but were for correction, to set things in alignment (think "Plumbline"), and to bring people to Himself. Nothing brings His people, and other people who are not yet His, to the Lord like persecution and difficultly. We see it all throughout scripture.

Many of the greatest spiritual awakenings and outpouring of His Spirit have been during or just after great tribulations and very difficult times (Revolutionary War, Civil War, WW1 & WW2). Look what the early church had to go through? Look what believers in other nations have to go through still. Are we better than them? We have a western mindset, propped up by our westernized "everything is going to be rainbows and unicorns" theology, which has been spread by westernized preachers...and it is wrong! It has brought in lots of money for those who preach it, but it is not biblical, and it is not based in truth. #Plumbline

Hear me: This is what IS coming over the next few years, both here in the U.S., and in many places around the world. There will be difficult times that we haven't seen here in the U.S. in a long time (maybe ever), but we will get through this, as long as we keep our focus on the Lord, and are led by His Spirit. It won't be comfortable, it won't be what we would choose, but it will be for our good.

Yes, even His remnant will have to go through these times, but He will guide us through them, as long as our dependence is on Him and not on ourselves, we will not only survive, but thrive. He is purifying His Bride, and dropping a massive plumbline in His Church, and all that doesn't align with it, will not survive this shaking. Make sure you are aligned with His agenda, and not your own! No castles...ONLY KINGDOM! 🔨👑

Do not try to stop or pray against that which HE IS DOING! And do not assume you completely understand and know what all He is doing and why! None of us do. In case you haven't noticed over the last few years, we are in #unprecedented times! #AskHim His face...ask Him!

You'll be surprised what you might hear if you don't have preconceived ideas of what He's going to say. Many cannot hear about what is coming, because He knows they can't hear it. They won't hear it. This is part of the skewed perception of how He speaks, why He speaks, and what He speaks that has permeated the current day prophetic.

Whether they can hear or is coming, trust me on that. I do not want to hear what I've heard or see what I've seen. Most all of the watchmen that are connected to our ministry do not either. They grieve more than you know. I do not want to walk through the days ahead any more than anyone else...but like it or not, it is coming.

Believe me, I did not ask for this. If choose another assignment or call, I would in a minute! I've actually complained to Him about how other's calls and assignments seem easier than mine at times.🤦‍♀️

But I said yes to anything He asked me to do a long time ago, and I cannot turn back now, or I am not worthy of the Kingdom. So I must continue to speak what He shows me, even if it is not what many want to hear. Even if one eye is opened, and one ear begins to hear and heed, I will still speak.

Please pray about if there are things that He has wanted to speak to you about, that you have not been able to hear. Especially if you are a leader, as you have a higher responsibility than others in the body.

If you are unsure, but you need someone to speak to about these things, please reach out to me, either here or in email.

Praying for His body, and for all of us in this hour! Help us Holy Spirit - prepare us spirit, soul, and body, and help us to do all we can do to prepare! Help us to heed the #Watchmen that you have sent! 🙏🦅

In prayer & preparation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

P. S...Email me HERE if you need clarity or if you are unsure of what you're hearing...especially if you are a leader, and want to help prepare your body of believers. I have had many reach out over the last year, and I'm happy to help.👇🙏💕

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