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Oh if we would have listened in 2019...see my posts (pictured above) from this week 5 years ago. Oh that we would listen now! 🤔🙏🏻😒

If the prophets you are listening to are not preparing you for what is coming over this year (maybe months), and yes even over the next few years, then they are not ones you should be listening to. It is time to listen to the "Prophets of Preparation" and not the "Prophets of Popularity, Pride and Prosperity"!

Did 2020 not teach us anything?? The same ones who missed what was coming in 2020, are missing this now. So many supposed prophets are still sharing the same rhetoric...and people still believe them?! Why? Because it is what they want to hear.

God will prosper us in His own way and time...but that is not what we need to prepare for. God's prosperity doesn't always look like mans, nor does it come the way we think it will many times.

We need to gird up the loins of our mind, not get into fear (we sure missed that one in 2020!🤦🏼‍♀️), and prepare ourselves spiritually and yes physically for what is at hand. Read Acts 11:28 if you don't think New Testament prophets are suppose to warn and help prepare God's people.

Yes, the prophets that He is raising up will indeed be preparing the Bride for His return. That is and should be an overall mandate...but from what He has shown myself and many others, that is not the most immediate thing we need to be prepared for. Right now, we need to be prepared for the hour that is at hand, and even at the door!

There are dark and tumultuous times just around the corner... times that He has told me were coming since I released the original word of "The Best of Times & The Worst of Times" in 2018. Everyone wants to focus on The Best of Times, but that means they won't be prepared for The Worst. That is why I have focused on that more. Everyone is focusing on The Best part...the miracles, the Glory, the power.

We need to be prepared for the Worst part first. That is the most essential thing I can tell you, and help prepare you for. If I don't do that, I've done you a disservice as a servant of God, even if I tickle your ears and tell you what you want to hear. I answer to Him, not you. But I also do it because I care. I don't want you to suffer unnecessarily.

My message hasn't changed just because we moved over into a New Year. If I told you the dreams, visions, and words that were being given to dozens of the Watchmen prophets and intercessors who are connected to our ministry, you would be shocked. Even some Pastors and other leaders who are not considered Prophets, have been having these occurrences. It is increasing more than ever. God is speaking and warning...but you must be listening to the right voices.

This year began with a shaking, as dozens and dozens of earthquakes shook many areas of the world on January 1st. This is only the beginning, and a sign of what all is to come this year. A Year of Shaking beyond what most have imagined...BUT the Anchor holds! So make sure you are anchored deep beloved. Great Glory and power will also be revealed. the same time!

In prayer & preparation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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