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Word of encouragement ~ July 24th, 2021

This is not a word for everyone, but is for many of His remnant in this hour, who have been through a season of "one thing after another" of difficulty in their lives...

I've heard for the last few weeks, that what the enemy has stolen through seemingly "one thing after another" bad circumstances and events happening over this last is all getting ready to turn around!

Most of you know me, and know that I do not give "flowery" or cream-puff words, which are for seemingly anybody, and sound great, but are empty and shallow. So know that this word is truly what the Lord has impressed upon me, specifically for the faithful ones who have been through much in this last season.

🔜🔄 The Lord is getting ready to shift it all, and recompense, restoration, and restitution is coming to you and your house! Because you continued to stand in hope, faith, and trust in the Lord, and no matter what happened, you have continued to come back to trusting Him above all things and above all battles you were facing...

Because of your heart to serve Him and stay faithful, even amongst some terrible battles, and even amongst the doubts at times, you returned to your hope and faith in Him. The Lord says NOW your time of testing is over, and now by His justice, you must be repaid. Not just what it cost...but #DOUBLE!!

Now, instead of one thing after another of loss troubles, trials, warfare, and intense battles...

Now will be a time when He is opening up the windows of heaven, making the enemy repay all that has been stolen, and you will have one thing after another of blessing, increase, favor, gain, health and restoration! Peace is your portion in this season, and you will go forth with singing, and come in with joy! 🕊 🎶 🙌

In expectation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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