MINISTRY AND LIFE UPDATE 👇 is the "official" announcement. 😉

For all those asking and wondering, and many who don't even have a clue that anything is happening...

As of this week, the Lord has transitioned Darin and I to Eastern Tennessee (Knoxville/Sevierville area)! 😃🙌🏔🌄 #Appalacian

We have felt the call to move back to this area for some time, and knew that we would one day, but I especially felt the pull strongly to come back to these mountains from Oct 2019 to the present.

Many of you remember that we lived in Eastern TN eight years ago, and He has confirmed in many ways that this is a "new beginning" for us here, and even a full circle time (8 speaks of new beginnings as well as "full circle").

We know the Lord has many things that He is doing in this territory (Southern Appalachia), and I believe He has called us back here to be a part of it. There is fire and revival in these mountains, and we are so excited to see what all the Lord has in store! 🌄🔥#Revival #Fires #AppalacianAwakening #RedigTheWells

Many of you also know how much I love my mountains, and Darin feels the same. My dad is from these mountains, and is even buried here, along with many generations before him, so it is in my blood.

We are still connected to Texas in many ways, as we have family and business connections there, so we will be back there often for those purposes. The Lord confirmed over 2.5 years ago when we moved there, that it was a "pit stop" and "layover" but not the final destination where we would settle. We will still be visiting and doing business/ministry there, but Tennessee is now home, and I believe that it will finally become the "home" that the other places have not been.

We have received several words and confirmations from others over the last couple of months regarding this transition, most who knew nothing about it. One of the last words we received was from a friend who told me that he felt we were going "home", and that although we would travel to many places throughout this nation, and the world, this would always be "home". I began to weep when he said that, as I feel it with everything in me.

We are currently staying with extended family, who have graciously provided an apartment for us during this transition. We will figure out where we want to buy soon, and where exactly the Lord wants us to be here, and will fully transition with all of our things sometime in the next few months.

We are so excited to be starting the New Year out in our new state...and to finally be settling in to "home"! 🥰🏡🗻🌄💜 #NewSeason #NewEra

Prayers appreciated for us as we finalize this transition, and step into all that He has for us here! 🙏 🙏 🙏 🔥 #FinallyHome #GodsCountry #TheMountainsAreCalling #AndiMustGo

Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer

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