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✳ A warning & admonition to prophets and prophetic people...

If you are not careful, and if you have places of insecurity, jealousy, and woundedness that have not been dealt with, you will actually be very susceptible to begin to allow a Jezebel spirit to operate through you...even if you yourself flow in God's prophetic gifting or calling.

Even if you have been attacked by this spirit in the past by others, it will still try to come in and influence you. This spirit is jealous of you, and jealous for you. Many times, if it can't get you from without, it will try to get you from within. It will lure you in, and try to get you yourself to begin to operate in that very spirit that you have always hated.

It won't be obvious right away, but it will slyly sneak in, and you will soon begin to try to control things, situations. It may even lie to you and let you believe you are operating by the Spirit of the Lord...but really the motivation is jealousy, envy, and control.

I have seen so many "prophetic" people begin to operate in this over the years...probably more than any other group honestly. Remember, in the book of Revelation, Jezebel calls herself a "prophet". She has her prophets, and one of the ways she likes to garner them, and also one of her ways of attacking God's prophetic call, is to actually begin to make God's prophets and prophetic people, act under her influence. She does this through places of wounding and insecurity.

Trust me, there have been many times I have felt her trying to sway me to operate under her control...thankfully I was able to resist. But the more I had not dealt with my woundeness, the harder it was to resist.

I have always been aware of her wanting me to be a part of her side...which in essence would be a witch or one who operates in witchcraft. If she can't have me, she wants to take me out all together. She'll be satisfied with either honestly.

Anything within the so called "prophetic" realm that is not from God, is rooted in this false spirit of "prophecy". It can look close, but it is not rooted in Him being in control, but us being in control. Anytime we step over into us controlling and not Him, we are dabbling in witchcraft, and become very susceptible to this Jezebel spirit. She will not completely take over right away. It is possible for some to operate in true prophetic at times and by the Spirit of the Lord, and other times, by the influence of this Jezebel spirit. Remember Saul prophesying in the OT??

I have seen people I would have never imagined, who talked about how much they detested this spirit, actually begin to operate in this spirit themselves. It happens over time, usually when a place of woundeness or insecurity is exposed, that they didn't even realize was there. It is sneaky and sly, and believe me, if you don't think you are susceptible to are. She will lie to you that you are protecting yourself, others, and even "doing the right thing", all the while, it is about you controlling the situation.

I have seen many an up and coming prophetic voice being taken in by this evil Jezebel spirit...more than I care to count. She is after the prophetic destiny, and she will fight from without, and from within. Were it not for the grace of God, and Him giving me the ability to see and recognize this spirit...there go I.

For that reason, I am constantly checking my motives, my spirit, and my soul, to make sure I am following His Spirit, and not another. May I admonish you to do the same, especially if you flow in any type of prophetic gifting or calling? And please...go through a program, get with the Lord, and deal with your wounded and insecure places. It is essential...for prophetic people more than anyone else.

In care,

Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer

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