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The work God has been doing on you in this wilderness season, has been to prepare you for what is happening and the season that lies ahead. It is time to "PassOver" into the promised land! What's in the Promised Land you ask? Oh you know, just EVERYTHING He has promised you in this last season[s]! 😀🙌 #Ready #CrossingOver #PromisesFulfilled

However, we must remember, there are giants in the land also...but He has given us what we need in the last season[s] of preparation, to defeat those giants that would rise up against us.

Many in His remnant are feeling the onslaught of what has been happening in the spirit realm...over your household individually, as well as our nation of America, and many nations of the world. The enemy is on the warpath, and the pressure is real. There is a battle going on in the heavenlies, much as there was during the original Passover thousands of years ago, as the world systems were being dealt with... But He always provides a Goshen (safe place) for His people, and He will continue to do that now, no matter what comes. ⛺🙏🏻🔥

The enemy has been fighting many of you quite a lot over the last few weeks, because you are coming to the end of your wilderness season, and it is time to "Pass Over". Remember, the enemy always wars in the gates, so don't get weary in the last days of your wilderness season. God has a plan, and we must follow His Presence as we go, no matter what may be happening around us, or what we face.

I'll be sharing more on this over the next week, as we come through this time of Passover beginning tomorrow at sundown until April 13th at sundown. We are definitely in a "passing over" season, this year more than ever!

In prayer & preparation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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