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Many of you may have been feeling extra warfare during this last week or so, and some of it may be because of the summer solstice, which happens tonight at sundown. There is a lot of pagan "worship" and rituals around these specific days, summer and winter solstice more than most, and many who are "extra" sensitive in the spirit may feel the effects of this time more than others.

You may have felt more overwhelmed, feelings of overt heaviness/discouragement, more emotionally distraught, mental fog, and even abnormal (or more than usual) physical attacks in the body. Many report things they don't normally deal with, or headaches, body aches, etc. I myself have had a horrible allergic reaction over the last few days, and was having one physical and/or mental attack after another. 🤦‍♀️🙅‍♀️😖🥴

All of these things (especially out of the blue and at the same time) can be a sign of higher levels of witchcraft. Many have been known to experience these things strongly during the higher levels of witchcraft that take place around the solstices and other such events during the year.

No, this does not mean we are giving the enemy more credit than he deserves. We are simply recognizing the spiritual warfare that is going on, so we can better know how to fight it. We have found it also helps when we recognize that this isn't just us, but others are fighting these things also. No it's not just you. Don't believe me? Before I even post this, I know I will have many comments from those who have been experiencing these things... I ALWAYS do.

Comments like "Oh my that's what's going on?!?" are common. 😉

The enemy of our souls is still a defeated foe (ultimately), but we are still in a battle (we battle against principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness - Eph.6:12), and we must know how to be aware of what the enemy is doing, and how to fight against these things when we sense them. When pagans are doing their rituals and witchcraft is happening, it can affect us as long as we are in these natural bodies. Those extra sensitive in the spirit will sense the witchcraft and extra demonic activities that go along with their rituals. I am very sensitive to these things, as well as atmospheric changes spiritually, so I always sense these things more.

Here are some ways you can combat this...

1. Pray in the spirit more than normal;

2. Read the word more..encouraging verses and Psalms;

3. Praise & Worship more, even when you don't feel like it;

4. Take communion and war with the blood; Apply the blood over your body and soul;

5. Take authority over all witchcraft that is coming against your body or soul...command it to be cast down in the name of Jesus, and tell it that it must go. Specifically speak against any witchcraft, occult activities, python (divination), and Jezebel spirits that would be coming against you, either personally or in the territory you are in. Remind them they have no place in or around you, and all affects from them must go in the name of Jesus.

*First make sure they truly have no place in you legally.

I believe we can get to a place in the spirit, and in our maturity level, where we become more experienced with these things, where we become more offensive in our warfare, recognize what is happening sooner, and take authority over it.

Can I be honest? I usually am more aware of when these things are coming, and become more offensive and posture myself differently sooner. For several reasons, this week I was distracted and I simply didn't...ugh, and did I pay the price for it! 🤦‍♀️🙅‍♀️

We are all still in process. I know this is a bit late, since the solstice is tonight, but I know it can still help some who are fighting, and also to teach for future reference. 😉

It is time to war people of God, and learn to fight more offensively with the weapons of our warfare that have been given to us! ⚔🗝🛡🏹

Hidden in Him,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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