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I believe many having been feeling this intense pressure and battle going on. It has affected me as well, especially this last week. No you aren't going crazy! The prophetic atmosphere is charged and there are intense battles going on in the heavenlies! 🙅‍♀️⚔️🛡 #WarfareInTheHeavens

This can affect many prophetic people more than others, and they can feel it in their body, soul, and spirit. The physical, mental, and emotional anguish is very real!

You are also battling to press through into the next part of the assignment/mandate that He has for you, and the enemy is wanting to keep you from those next steps.

This is especially true if you have a plan, know what He's shown you to do, and you've actually declared it. The enemy now knows what the plan is, and he wants to stop that. So...a mental/emotional/physical "ambush" of sorts ensues. The purpose is to stop the progress, and get you to quit.

As I have declared more of what God is wanting me/us to do with the Goshen mandate, the attacks and "ambush" have increased to stop it. He is trying to stop what God has told us to do. This is especially true if what you are called to do is greatly needed in this hour in history, and "for such a time as this". We have to be determined that we will continue, even if we are progressing slowly.

If this is happening to you, don't back off, instead press in further. Breakthrough is in His Presence, and in His word! Declare the word of the Lord, and what He has said. Declare both the logos (scriptures), as well as the rhema (prophetic words given) over whatever the assignment is.

Pray in the Spirit (in tongues) as much as possible, as this can override what is happening in these realms, and take you up higher. This also prays His perfect will, and is a whole other level of declaring what He is saying. Think of it as overriding the circuit.

Getting into intense praise & worship during this time is also another key, as this brings His Presence in closer, and pushes aside the darkness/intensity that we are feeling.

😉🗝🙏❤️‍🔥 #PrayInTheSpirit #Worship

Keeping pressing beloved...He's got you, and He's bringing you through! Standing with you!

In prayer,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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