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This post has been coming for months. It isn't something I've wanted to say, but I have to be honest. Long post warning. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Lately I've had the overwhelming feeling several times, that much (not all) of our prophetic and ministry conferences in the body of Christ, are getting ready to be completely interrupted by what is coming. I've gotten the sense that so many of these things will become completely irrelevant in light of what we are facing as the body of Christ, and the world.

This is sad to me, because we're suppose to be living a prophetic life and aware of where we are and what is coming (that's part of what the prophetic is right? Knowing what's coming?🤷🏼‍♀️).

But instead, it's as if many did not learn their lesson when the big "C" hit, and they went back to ministry as normal, meetings/prophetic conferences as usual. I ask myself why? Money and making a living; a desire for normalcy and "business as usual"; a desire to return to the platform?? I truly don't know why.

So many leaders seem to have their head stuck in the sand, and don't want to address or even look at where we really are, and what's coming in the very near future. It weighs on me heavy, because so many in the body are looking to them to lead. And they are leading them into a false reality of sorts. As if we have returned to business as usual, and we just need to go on as if the last 2 years was just a bump in the road.

Conferences aren't bad, meetings aren't bad...but it simply isn't the time folks. It's like the months leading up to the big "C" being released...everyone was going about life and ministry as usual, and then it hit. It seemed no one in the prophetic was getting anything prophetic at all about where we truly were and what was upon us.

We are back there again now in many ways...but I can tell you, I do not believe you will see most of these conferences and meetings next year...some will even cancel before the end of this year.

Did I specifically get "C" was coming? Not exactly, but I had already released many words about what I saw coming, and "pestilence" was one of many things. So many didn't want to hear it and thought I was crazy or just a "doom and gloomer". So many kept wanting to release their "turnaround", "breakthrough" prophecies, and that amazing things were coming. 😏

Mark my words...

What is coming over the next few years, even before the end of this year, will be one thing after another, and I can tell you the majority of body of Christ, yes even most of those in our prophetic realms, are not prepared for it. The "Perfect Storm" is building all over the entire world, and I see the dark storm clouds on the horizon. They are rolling in fast.

Am I being doom and gloom? Am I glad that these difficult times are coming? Am I trying to strike fear? Not at all.

I want us to be a people of faith, a strong army, prepared in the natural and in the spirit for what is coming...

But instead of being trained for the war that is at hand, much of what we've done has been to go back to our ministry rhetoric, entertainment driven "church as usual", "conference as usual".

May I ask you...

If I could go back and tell you exactly, in detail, what was coming over the last 2 years with the "C" and all that it entailed, would you want me to? Or would it strike fear? Would you think I was "doom and gloom"? Would you have prepared yourself spiritually and naturally? Would you even hear me?

Perhaps the reason the body of Christ was overall caught unaware, and fear struck the heart of many believers, is because they didn't know, because they were caught without warning?

The reason I tell you this now, is so you can prepare your heart and your home, and leaders can prepare their people for where we are and the intense storm that is coming. The big "C" was only round one. We have many more rounds to go, and they will quickly be coming one after the other.

I believe food shortages and major weather upheavals will both hit before the end of this year. Other sickness and pestilence are coming. Economically, things are getting ready to take a massive downward turn, even more than they have. The gas and food prices you see now are only the beginning.

Before I could finish this post, my husband sent me an article from Newsmax, that talks about this that was just released today from the U.N. 👇🏻#Confirmation #PrayAndPrepare

"The head of the United Nations warned Friday that the world faces "catastrophe" because of the growing shortage of food around the globe.U.N. | Newsmax"

We, as mature believers, can either be trained and ready for the battles and storms that are at hand, or we can sit back and just wait, and be struck unaware once again...only this time, it will be one thing after another hitting, in short sequence.

Is revival coming also? Will we see the Glory displayed also? Yes...but we have to be able to make it through the storm to get to that!

It saddens me. Why aren't more leaders teaching and training their people to be able to handle (and yes even thrive in) what is on the horizon? You train soldiers differently in peace time, than you do in war times.

Let me tell you...this is war time! We need to be intensely training God's people, especially the more mature believers, for the unprecedented season we are in. The mature ones will be able to help the younger and new believers when things get difficult. We have very little time to train.

I pray many leaders will be awakened to the call to do this. I pray the Lord will speed up the time it takes to prepare the people. I pray for miracles. But my heart is heavy with what I see. your church, and awaken your leaders to the hour we are in!

Praying and preparing,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

"For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark..." - Matthew 24:38

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