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- Ringing the "Justice Bell" in Washington's Chapel at Valley Forge.

- Washington's residence while at Valley Forge

- Old Town Philadelphia

We weren't 100% sure all that the Lord was doing, or why (sometimes you just have to follow and obey🤷‍♀️), when He took us to several key locations across Pennsylvania, exactly 2 years ago yesterday and today.

One of the most pivitol places that I knew we had to go pray, was at Valley Forge. It was there that the turning point of the Revolutionary War took place. We prayed in several different locations around Valley Forge, and ended up in Washington's Chapel, to ring the "Justice Bell". Never heard of it...yeah, we hadn't either? But I rang it, and declared that "Justice would reign throughout America once again!" 🔔

He makes all things clear in His time. There are several reasons that He had us to declare and do certain things, some of which we are seeing right now, and some are for a future time. Right now, I am declaring that Justice will be seen in this election...what is right, and honest, and just, in Jesus name! I also declare all that is not just, and honest, and true would be exposed!

Join with me in declaring this!! REMEMBER, STAY ON POST AND HOLD THE LINE! KEEP INTERCEDING!! 🙏🙏🙏

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