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We will see many things happen between now and when Passover ends (April 30th). I shared on this at the beginning of this month, which you can find on this page.

What we saw with the "Key bridge" will not be the only odd thing we will see. When you see the many strange things that will happen over the next few months, and even the rest of this year, please know that things are not what they seem, nor are they happening for the reason "they" are saying. Be wise, ask for open ears and eyes by His Spirit, and discernment to know what is truth. If things seem "off" or odd, they are. Trust your spiritual "gut", and know that you are perceiving correctly.

One more thing about the bridge: A ministry friend, Amber Creedle mentioned that they took out the "key" in the year of the door. I felt that was significant. 🎯🚪🗝🤔

Attacks have been and are being planned (I sense this now), but they won't always be obvious. Here me in this: there will be more attacks from within and from without. That is all I can say at this point. Some will be like the bridge, where it is being made to seem like something else, but it is for other reasons (this one was for cutting off supply and other reasons). It is also interesting to note, that this is one of the main pathways for hazardous material in our nation.

We have entered a time that will be a significant increase in the things that the Lord has shown me since 2017, and we MUST be prepared both in the natural and in the spiritual. #ThisIsThat #NowIsTheTime

What is coming over the next few months, will coincide with natural (or not so natural) disasters as well. Yes, we always have spring storms, tornadoes, etc., but these will be more than regular spring storms.

What we have seen over the last few years will exponentially increase in size, number, and frequency this year. I sense tornado season and hurricane season will somewhat overlap this year, and could become quite intense. These, along with the other things that are coming, will make for a tumultuous ride this spring and summer. We can rise above these things, but it will take focus and being led by His Spirit. #FaithOverFear

Please hear me...👂

Now is not a time to be searching for "easter eggs" and running after bunnies. 🐇🙄

It is a time to focus on the death, burial, and Resurrection of our Lord and Risen King! 👑

It is time to be in a constant state of prayer and being led by His Spirit. It is time for intercession like never before. I have understood from the Lord, that most of these things cannot be stopped altogether, but there is the potential of diminishing some, with prayer, intercession and declarations. 🙏🗝

Pray, declare, and apply the blood over yourself and your territory. Declare that you abide under the shadow of the Almighty, that Psalm 91 protection is over you, your family, and all that you own.

The time leading up to Passover will be significant this year, and many of His people will see things "pass over" them as they pray and intercede while applying His blood. Miracles, signs and wonders will be much more prolific, for those who will focus in on Him during this time. His Spirit is ready to be poured out in fresh ways. ✨️🕊🔥

You are in covenant relationship with the Almighty One by the blood of His own Son, and you have certain right as one that is called His. Ask Him to show you those rights, and your authority in them. Now is the time to stand in that.   #PrayAndPrepare #AuthorityInTheSpirit #Psalm91Protection #BestOfTimesWorstOfTimes #Passover

In prayer & preparation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

*Amazing prophetic art is by our friend, James Nesbit (see all art at

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