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CHURCH AS WE'VE ALWAYS KNOWN IT IS OVER⌛⛪🙏🏻📉 #Shaking #Reconstruction #EverythingIsChanging #Reformation What everyone considers "church", especially here in America, and in other parts of Europe and the modern world, will never be the same after this month. Pastors and other 5-fold leaders, if you think that after this "pandemic" is over, you will go back to business as usual, and "church" as usual, I hate to be the one to tell you that you are mistaken. Part of the shaking that is happening right now, is being allowed to WAKE UP HIS CHURCH..and to help her realise where exactly she is, and where she's not. For those who may try to go back to church as usual, I believe you will find that you are not able to function as you did before, in the same 'ole same 'ole...and let me tell you, many believers that attend regular services are shifting as well, and they will be expecting and wanting something different, something more. It is time to be led by the Spirit in ways we never have, or at least we haven't in many, many years. It is time to remove those things that we have done for so long, simply because "that's the way we've always done it." It is time to pivot. It is time to let the Spirit of the Lord take over the meetings again, to let Him take over our church gatherings and ministries. IT IS TIME FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT TO TAKE BACK HIS CHURCH! The Lord is allowing everything to be shaken that can be shaken, so that which cannot be shaken will remain (Heb 12). The old wineskin is being removed, and the new wineskin of the Kingdom is being revealed to a whole other level than it ever has been before! I believe much of what is happening is a part of what I saw in a word that the Lord gave me to release in the beginning of 2018. Part of it began in that year, but much of what is happening now, I believe is exactly what the Lord was showing that He was doing in His church, and indeed throughout all Kingdom spheres. I certainly had no idea that it would happen in this way, but I am excited for what will happen after He does His work! Here is an excerpt from that word ~ A GREAT SHAKING AND RECONSTRUCTION, Jan 2018: "Many things not built on His rule and His Kingdom, but on the kingdoms of man and on their thoughts and plans, will be brought down. This will happen in His church more than any other mountain, although it will happen in all spheres of influence.The Lord is shaking everything out into the open, that it may be dealt with, and that His purposes may be revealed in you and in His Church. There are some things that have been compromised, but He is giving an opportunity for those things to be corrected, reconstructed properly, and set in place according to His blueprints. Only those who will not surrender to His will and His reconstruction, will be brought to ruin, but that is never His purpose. His purpose is for reconstruction and restoring, if they will repent, surrender, and allow Him to do the work in them and their ministries. The Lord is doing a RECONSTRUCTION of much of His house! He will take many structures down to the studs, and others down to the foundation, before He begins to build again. Some things have been tolerated by the Lord for some time, but they were not His plan, and they are no longer serving His purpose, and some never did. Some were the traditions of men, and although many were fine and good in their own way, some were not, and they have become a stumbling block to His ultimate purpose for His Ekklesia. These things will need to be brought down, as they are hindering the flow of His Spirit. If they are not brought down by leadership, the Lord Himself will deal with them and bring them down. It is time for His Spirit to flow freely once again. If He has to tear everything down, and start again with just the foundation, then He will. Other structures within the Kingdom are faulty even down to the foundation, and they will be completely brought to the ground. Now is the time, for the shaking and rebuilding that has begun to come to a pinnacle. He is doing a new thing, and His new wine cannot be contained in old wineskins, so we must embrace all that the Lord has purposed to do in this new era! Your Kingdom come, Your will be done Lord!" In Him, Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer 

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