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REMINDER: We are in The Best of Times, & The Worst of Times

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

I've posted this many times over the last 2 years since receiving this word and admonition from the Lord. Many may be tired of seeing and hearing it, but it is the primary word He has had me stay on since then. I want to share it again, for those who haven't read it, and perhaps for those who have forgotten. Maybe it will help some to understand where we are, what is coming, and what is needed. Please continue to pray with me as I finish this book ~ "THE BEST OF TIMES, AND THE WORST OF TIMES - Prophetic Keys to surviving and thriving in the New Era". 🗝🗝🗝 Excerpts from "The Best of Times, & The Worst of Times" word, released July 2018... The Worst of Times: "Just because it is a certain way currently, and has been that way for quite some time, does not mean it will always be that way. In our western culture, we have no concept of understanding what life can be like when things suddenly become very difficult. The “worst of times” that is coming to the earth will be things that we, as Americans, are not used to, and have not seen in a very long time if ever. It will be things that most places in Europe have not seen for a very long time. Other places on the earth have seen some of these types of things more, but not to the level of what will be. There will be much warring in the heavens, and many things that will be revealed in the natural that we have not known of. #WarInTheHeavenlies #ShakingInTheEarth⚔️ 🌎" "Many things we have thought were “conspiracy theories” will be proven to be true, even if we don’t want to believe them. Many things we have heard for years about “global elites”, secret global plans, etc, will become much more obvious and unable to deny. The enemy is going to become more brazen with his attacks, and with his plans, as pride is his biggest downfall. This will be to our benefit, if we are paying attention, and have ears to hear and eyes to see. Those in powerful places in the world who are operating under his control, will begin to make themselves known, and it will become much more understood by those who are observing, exactly who is on the Lord’s side and who is on the enemies side & being used for his purposes. This is a part of the great exposing that has been prophesied. #GreatExposing 👁️👂" "There will be privileges and “rights” that we think we will always have, and even that we have taken for granted, that we will not have…or at least not to the degree we have had them. This will be greater realized in countries like America, where we have had much freedom, but will also be even more implemented in countries that have slowly been going this way for a time. Again, I’m not saying this is going to happen this year, or even in the next few years, but it is coming sometime in the not too distant future. I believe many of these things will happen in a slow progression, and then a suddenly. 🔜⚠️"

"Due to calamities (natural and man-made), gas for vehicles, food & water, electricity, and sometimes heat, will not always be readily available. Just as we see when a natural disaster has hit in the past (hurricanes, tornadoes, winter storms, earthquakes, pestilence, plagues), these things are in scarce supply. The difference will be that these events will be greater in scale, and much more prolific. The damage from these events, as well as man-made events (terror, wars), will be on a much larger scale than we have seen. Hurricane Harvey was the worst storm to ever hit Texas in it's history. It was called unprecedented. There will be other historic and unprecedented storms, disasters and "events" that will hit in different places in the earth." 🚩"I would ask you to seek the Lord as to the best way for you to prepare for what is coming...both in the natural, and in the spiritual. Do not be moved by fear, but prepare with the Spirits leading. I would personally suggest some amount of non-perishable food and water or water source. This is a good idea even for the possibility of smaller events, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. Those who have been through these (and I have) will tell you that it is better to be prepared ahead of time. #Prepare 🔜⚠️💧☄️🌠🔥🌪️🌫️🌀🌋" "Can we pray and minimize the damage from these disasters and events? To a degree, yes…the body of Christ can pray, declare, and war against these storms, earthquakes, pestilence, plagues... (when led by the Spirit to do so), and some will be minimized to a certain extent. Some will not be. We must seek the Lord, and truly get His word and His mind on the matter. Regardless, many of His people will apply the blood and take a stand of faith, and it will not come near their dwelling nor will it harm them in any way.🕛🙏👐We all will be affected by what is coming, one way or another…BUT, He will give us strength, supernatural wisdom and grace to deal with what is to come. He will also send His angels to protect those who are dwelling in His secret place, under the shadow of the Almighty One! 😇😇😇🕊️🕊️🕊️ " "So, the question is, what do we do to prepare ourselves, and our community of believers for these “worst of times” that are coming? I find that many Christians love to quote Psalm 91 and all of it’s amazing promises. However, Psalm 91 is only for those who are dwelling (not visiting!) in the Secret Place of the Most High, under the shadow of the Almighty. Then we will be “saved from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence”. Then you can be sure that “a thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you”, and you can boldly declare, “No evil will conquer you, and no plague will come near your home”! Then, and only then, can we claim these promises. #Psalm91 #Protection" "We need to become dwellers, people of God! We need to learn how to dwell in His secret place…in His Presence. Walk with Him, and let Him lead us. Now is the time! We need to become stronger, more mature, more spirit-led believers. What does that mean to be spirit-led? It means we follow His leading no matter what our mind or our experience tell us. It means we die to our fleshly desires and wants. It means our spirit man has become stronger than our soul and our flesh, and it is now in the lead. #Dwell #InHisSecretPlace #UnderTheShadowOfHisWings💨💫✨🏕️" "That is how we change the world, and help them to see the God that we serve…when catastrophes hit, and we are not damaged, because we are walking in the shadow of the most high. When we are a people of faith, and the unbeliever can see the marked difference in us and the world. That is when miracles and signs and wonders follow us. That is when we become like those in the book of Acts…when we are following His Spirit completely. They had nothing else they could do! They depended on Him for everything." "May I also suggest bodies of believers to prepare with an emergency plan for their fellowship, and with things that are needed in such a case of a disaster. It would be wonderful if you have the ability to prepare for more than your community, as it will be needed, and this will be a great way to share the gospel during that time. It is time for the Church of Jesus Christ to be the ones who are able and prepared to help in disaster, and even to be ready to become "Cities of Refuge" in times of trouble or crises! Pastors, Apostles, God calling you to become a "City" or Center of Refuge for your area or region? Make sure to listen to His voice in this. Many are being called to this in this hour." "With what is coming, the world is going to be looking for answers…and we need to have them! Yes, answers for salvation, answers for their soul to be saved…but more! We need to know what time it is, and not be in fear, but be prepared for what is coming. We need to be walking in such faith, and trust in Him, that nothing can move us. Though the mountains be moved and cast into the sea…I will not be moved!" Also...let us never forget that the Best of Times is also coming!! The Glory of the Lord being revealed in unprecedented ways...His Glory covering the Earth as the waters cover the sea! 🙌🏻✨ More on that later.. 😉🔥 In prayer & preparation, Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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