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⏩"This is for all the amazing women who have been labeled 'too much' their entire life by the small men and women who didn’t, or couldn’t, see you. Men don’t like you because they feel like you’re stronger than them. Women are intimidated by you." "It might be time to stop taking care of people who can’t handle you. It might be time to stop applying for jobs and start your own company. It might be time to write the next book without the editor’s voice in the back of your mind telling you to soften your message." ~Article, Ode to the Women Who Are Too Much, by Pastor Steve Wiens 

Sometimes, there are women who are "too much", just as there are men who can be described the exact same way. However, I think no matter how much you try to become the "you" that God created you to be, there will always be people who think "You're too much"! And let's face it, sometimes you're only too much because you are a woman. Sometimes, if a man acted the exact same way, or delivered the same words, most people wouldn't think anything of it. Sadly, this is especially true within most churches, and indeed within Christianity itself. They are usually the last frontier when it comes to allowing women to be who God created them to be...although they should be the first! 😏 So women here's what we must do. We must make sure our words and actions are not coming out of our brokenness or out of our fleshly nature. Then once we are sure that they are not, once we have asked the Lord to shine His light on who we are and what we do to make sure it is coming from a pure & healed place, once we have come to the knowing that He is pleased with us, and pleased with who He created us to be...then we must stand in who we are. 

1We cannot let men or other women dictate who God created us to be, simply because it makes them uncomfortable at times. Do we need the fruits of the Spirit active in our lives? Yes, we absolutely do. But those very fruits are manifested in different ways in different people, just as the Lord's attributes are manifested in many different ways within the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. This message is to my sisters out there (especially to my Prophetic sisters!), who have constantly been told they are "too much". Stop feeling that you must adjust who you are and what you do, simply because people are too "politically correct" to handle it. If God is leading you, then why are you worried about what they think? Stop feeling less than and pandering to what others want you to be, simply because they can't handle the fullness of who God created you to be. You are a leader, you are a warrior, you are a Deborah...a Esther...a Joan Of Arc...a Maria Woodworth Etter...a Kathryn Kuhlman! You are the women that the Lord is raising up in this hour, to fight in His army, to see massive ground taken for His Kingdom!👸👑

There will always be those who say you are "too much"...but I say, you are made by a God who loves to do "more than enough", and you are a wonderful expression of His extravagant nature!  

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