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Last night at sundown, and going until next Sunday at sundown, we will be in "Sukkot" on the Hebew calender, which is translated as the Feast of Tabernacles! 🙌⛺ This is the last of all the Jewish feasts, and is very important for us to remember for many reasons. It comes in the Autumn of every year, just after the High Holy days of the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) and the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). These Holy days, also known as the “Days of Awe”, are a time of retrospect, repentance, and fasting. However, the Feast of Tabernacles is a time of thankfulness, rejoicing, and celebrating...almost as if it were the first Thanksgiving! It is a time of thanking the Lord and rejoicing in all He has done in the past season, as well as preparing ourselves, with much anticipation and joy, for the season He is taking us into! During this time, many Jews all over the world construct a “Sukkah” or small hut (tent or “tabernacle”), in which meals are eaten throughout the week of the festival. The Sukkah is meant to remember the tents that Israel lived in during their 40 year sojourn in the wilderness, after the exodus from Egypt. Later, after the Israelites entered the Promised Land, Sukkot was associated with the Fall harvest as well, and additionally came to be known as the “Festival of Ingathering”, or the "Festival of the Harvest". It became a time to celebrate all the provision and “harvest” that the Lord had brought in during the ingathering of the crops. Because it is a time of much rejoicing before the Lord, it became known as “The Season of our Joy”. As the Lord had me studying about the Feast of Tabernacles over the last several years, I realized some very interesting things about this particular "Feast" of the Lord. In the reckoning of the Hebrew months, we are in the 7th month, this is the 7th feast, and it goes on for 7 days. Seven is the "God number”, as it represents Divine Perfection. It also speaks of completion, totality, and coming into maturity. I will be posting more about this time later today and tomorrow, as we prepare ourselves to "Tabernacle" with Him! 🙏 #Sukkot #FeastOfTabernacles #FeastOfIngathering #SeasonOfOurJoy 🙌 

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