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Let's be clear...there is no "gift of discernment".

There is, however, the gift of "discerning of spirits". Many in the body of Christ, even some leaders, don't want to discuss this particular gift because it deals with "spirits", and that is a subject they don't want to, or are afraid to tackle. So, they misquote and call it the "gift of discernment"...however that is NOT what the bible calls it, and we must stick with what the word says, even if it's not what we want to discuss or deal with. Just sayin'! 😏

One third of Jesus' ministry was dealing with demonic or evil spirits. Why don't we want to teach people about this? Many times I've heard "we don't want to scare the people". Guess what...many of them are scared and battling a spirit of fear anyway, and many others even watch horror and/or terror movies, which has opened them up to even more fear. What they don't know about, can actually hurt them, and usually already is! Why not give them the tools to discern and get free from these spirits, and equip them to battle against the spirits that are already battling against them??

Let me also be clear that this gift is more than the ability to discern evil spirits, although that is a wonderful benefit of it. It is a gift to discern between 1) God's Spirit/His holy angels, 2) the human spirit, and 3) demonic/evil spirits. There are one of 3 functioning at any given time.

I have said it for years, and I will say it again. I believe this gift is more lacking than any other in the body of Christ, and it is needed now more than ever. So many are not able to discern which is functioning, and are confusing these three. This is especially true in prophecy and in Charismatic "phenomena"! So many are lacking the ability to discern when someone is operating in their own spirit, or by an evil spirit, and instead they believe they are operating by the Spirit of God. People of God, ask for the Lord to give you this gift! I pray God's people would begin to function in this gift on a high level in the days to come, as it is much needed!

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