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The following is a prophetic word that David Wilkerson gave in 1994. David Wilkerson was a true prophet of the Lord and revivalist. Remember, all Prophets (or those who flow in the prophetic) know in part and prophesy in part. I am sharing this not to say this is coming next week, or even next month, but to raise awareness. I have seen similar events myself, and that there are major things coming to America...natural disasters, financial problems, and more terrorist activity. We need to be prepared for this type of thing, people of God, and know what the Lord is telling us to do in the days ahead. If we are prepared, then things will be much easier for God's people, if we are not, then they will be much harder.

I first shared this in 2015, but it came up in my memories today and I felt I should share it again. I sense this is coming sooner than we may think (possibly within the next 5-10 yrs). Again, it is not time to get into fear, but to begin to prepare. Preparation is key, and leaders, now is the time for us to begin to prepare God's people! 👇👇👇🙏

⏩"Very soon a European or North African or Eastern nation is going to default on its international loan and when that happens within two weeks Mexico is going to default. Mexico owes $100 billion – 80% of it to American banks – and here is what is going to happen: About two weeks after the first country goes bankrupt we are going to survive that because most of that money is owed to European banks; German, Swiss and French banks. The 2nd country is going to go down probably Argentina or Brazil and we will kind of live that out and people will settle down and say 'Well maybe its not going to hurt.' But two weeks after the first country goes down, Mexico is going to default on $100 billion. And When the banks open the next day at 9:00 am in the morning $15 billion an hour is going to be withdrawn from our American banks. They are going to be running our banks; the Arabs, all the Latin American countries. They are going to be running our banks – and before the day is over the United States is going to have to declare a bank holiday. And we are going into six months of the worst hell America has ever seen! There is going to be chaos! Not even the National Guard is going to be able to quiet it down. We are going to have to call out the whole United States Army.

Now I’ve had visions recently for I’ve been in New York City and I was in Macy’s in vision and I say people walking around stunned because they couldn’t get their money out the bank. Now I’m going to give you a word of advice. The first country that goes bankrupt, and I’ve documented this and I’ve got it sealed in an envelope and I’m going to call all my friends and I’m telling you – this is the first time I’ve said it in a public meeting like this – but the first country that bellies up you get every dime you have – church get your money out of the bank because you’ve got two weeks because there’s going to be a bank holiday and you won’t be able to get a dime for six months. Now of course, there is going to be order restored, but the nation will never be like it is again. There is going to be fear like we’ve never known. Judgment is at the door!

“When I was at Macy’s department store in a vision and I watched people walking around stunned. They didn’t even know what to do. They didn’t know what was happening. Then a bunch of young people walked into Macy’s and suddenly went wild and began to steal. Within an hour everybody, I saw them in the spirit, everybody in that store = and they were robbing and stealing. They raped Macy’s and destroyed all five floors of Macy’s. It was raped and ruined in period of an hour or two. That is just the beginning.”

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