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DECLARING OVER STORMS 🌪🌊⚡🌀 I promised in my earlier post that I would share this short teaching, and sorry I didn't send it out earlier. I will be teaching more extensively about this in the near future, but for now, here is the short answer to a question I was asked a few days ago regarding the prayers, main scriptures, and declarations I make regarding storms and impending weather issues.  ▶ I declare Psalm 91 Divine protection over us, our family, and all of our territory. I declare that no evil can come anywhere near us, or any of our property. I declare that we are sheltered under the shadow of His wings! 

▶ I declare that just as Jesus declared the demonic storm to "be muzzled", I will do the same to any storm that comes near me, and the storms must be muzzled or silenced...they cannot rage! 

▶ I command that any destructive weather patterns must not come anywhere near where I am, but must be gone, in Jesus name! If it is a tornado I command the rotation to cease! 

Part of this is knowing your authority over weather, which is something I was taught from a child, but much of the direct language I have learned over time. Many don't know or understand this realm of authority, but they are beginning to, and some are beginning to operate on this level. This is a part of the Sons and Daughters of God being manifested in the earth! 🙏🌎

Again, more teaching coming on this soon. 

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