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As many of you are aware, this is turning out to be a very intense tornado season all over the United States. I felt earlier this month to let everyone know, that I was sensing a major uptick was coming in the upcoming tornados, in addition to what we had already seen. I also sensed that we needed to be in prayer about the upcoming hurricane season. (See original post HERE.)

We have seen a tremendous outbreak in tornadoes over the last week, even more so than we had seen before. There were over 50 tornadoes that touched down over this past Memorial Day Weekend.

From the below article in the NY Times:

🌪"11 Straight Days of Tornadoes In The U.S. Approaching ‘Uncharted Territory’.

Federal government weather forecasters logged preliminary reports of more than 500 tornadoes in a 30-day period — a rare figure." (Read full article HERE)

Yesterday we had a total of 19 tornadoes reported...several in Kansas, in OK, PA, with warnings out for NYC and NJ, as well as other states. There have been "rare tornado warnings" in places that do not normally see that type of weather.

The National Weather Service is calling for more today and the rest of this week, as you can see in the picture above.👆

Let's be proactive to pray about this, applying the blood over ourselves, our loved ones, and our property. I will be sharing later today a short post about some of the basic declarations and prayers I pray regarding weather, so be on the lookout for that. As well as being prepared in the spiritual, may I also encourage you to have a readiness plan in the natural for such disasters, and try to be as prepared as possible with food, water, and essentials.

Along with this extreme outbreak in tornadoes, there is also much going on regarding intense and "historic" flooding throughout much of the plains and Heartland. I will be discussing this more in a later article today or tomorrow. Let's be in prayer for all of those affected by these terrible floods. 🙏

I also wanted to release this excerpt again from the word I released last July, "The Best of Times, & The Worst of Times"... 🌪🌊⚡🌀 "The difference {in what has been, and what is coming} will be that these events will be greater in scale, and much more prolific. The damage from these events...will be on a much larger scale than we have seen. Hurricane Harvey was the worst storm to ever hit Texas in it's history. It was called 'unprecedented'. There will be other 'historic' and 'unprecedented' storms and disasters that will hit in different places in the earth."

Read Part 2 "Best of Times, Worst of Times word HERE , where I discuss what I have heard and seen about the time we are in.

In Love & Concern,

Amanda Shiflett

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