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God is "reactivating" the military!

#ArmyOfTheLord #SpiritualWarfare This has come up many times over the last several weeks, and I have shared with several people one-on-one that it relates to, so I have felt to release something I have released a part of in the past.  The Lord has shown me that He is wanting to "reactivate" those of His sons & daughters who previously served in military, as well as some retired police officers and first responders. This is for those in the U.S. and in other nations of the world. It is time for them to take what they learned, and understand how to function and implement it in the Army of the Lord. We are in a battle, and some of the same strategies and understanding of those things learned in the natural, can be used in the spiritual. I believe it also has to do with the military & first responders knowing how to be prepared in the natural for many things. 🔑📢🔔🚨🔜 Please pray with us about how the Lord would have us to help in bringing forth and training this amazing part of His Army! 🙏 

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