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THE WAR WITHIN ⚔️🛡️🏹 #SpiritualWarfare

⚔️👉Much of the "warfare" that I see God's people having is not what they think...yes, they are under attack, but it's not from without, it's from within! The enemy has legal right in their life through strongholds and generational iniquity, and they are not completely free. Sadly, Darin and I see this much in the supposedly "spirit-filled" circles we are in, and hugely within the Prophetic realm. There are so many unhealed and bound prophetic watchmen and intercessors, who are not able to fully come into their callings, or even have their voices heard, because of deep woundedness and strongholds, many of which are generational.😏 #Bondage #Freedom🔗 We must identify what areas the enemy still has access to in us, and route him out!! It is time to dig up and cut of the root, instead of constantly cutting off the limbs and picking off the dead fruit. It is time for the body of Christ, and most especially the Prophetic, to be healed and whole, as much as possible, so they do not taint what the Lord is wanting to release through them...and so the enemy can no longer attack and hold them back through the legal ground he has. It is time...for #FREEDOM!! ⚔️🛡️🏹🔗👐 #FreedomFromStrongholds #FullDeliverance #AbundantLife #Reform In prayer, Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer 

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