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Unhealed areas of your soul will be just as much of a hinderance as the enemy is, to you fully coming into your destiny. Satan and those in alliance with him are wanting to set up (or keep) strongholds in your soul that will prevent you from fulfilling the complete and amazing plan the Lord has for you! The enemy is wanting to keep you bound in rejection, fear, heaviness, anger, infirmity, and anything else that he can, in order to keep you from doing all that the Lord has called you to do. I see so many amazing prophets, prophets in training, and prophetic people, who are so bound up in their soul that it is clearly holding them back from doing all they are called to do in the Kingdom. One of the biggest ways you can defeat the enemy is by removing all of the strongholds he has set up in your life, and in your generational line. Then you will be free to accomplish the FULL plan the Lord has laid out for you. Be real. Ask the Lord to search your heart and reveal anything that is hindering you from walking in the fullness of your calling, and then listen when the Lord speaks (sometimes through others in your life) about areas you are needing healing and freedom in. Seek out help from ministries that deal with inner soul healing and freedom from strongholds (deliverance). It will help propel you into your destiny like nothing else! 🌠⏩⏩⏩⏩ You cannot defeat from without what you have not conquered within! It's time for God's prophets and prophetic people to come into complete wholeness, spirit, soul, and body! THEN, they will be able to shift cities, nations, and Kingdoms for the Lord! 👑🔄🙌 For Him, Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer 

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