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Have you ever read something you posted previously, and it completely blew you away?! The following is something I posted almost 2 years ago exactly, in Oct. of 2016, and I truly believe it is manifesting now more than ever!

As I have seen what has just happened with Justice Kavanaugh, I believe this is part of what the Lord was speaking of when I kept hearing about the Judges and Prophets that He would be raising up in this season. I have said many times over the last few years, I also believe that the Lord will be raising up the "Deborahs" in this hour, and perhaps the next Judge to be appointed will be a female Judge who will have the anointing of Deborah. When I released this word 2 years ago, I really did not have a full understanding of all that the Lord was speaking of about Prophets and Judges. I now sense that He was speaking of actual Judges in the earth, as well as "Judges" in a spiritual sense, which would be those with an apostolic mantle.

Let the true Prophets and Judges of the Lord continue to ARISE!! ☝🔨#TrueProphetsArising #JudgesAndProphets #ApostlesAndProphets Original word of the Lord from Oct. 2016~


I heard the Lord say that He would be raising up Samuels and Deborahs in this hour...His Prophets and Judges!

Let's take a look at these two amazing people from the old testament, who were the only two who were both Judge and Prophet.

⏩Samuel was a Prophet, and according to scholars, he was also the last Judge in Israel. He called out Eli's sons who were living in unholiness (Judge), he revealed Saul's heart of disobedience and slew the enemy that Saul tolerated. He recognized and anointed the future King (leader), and raised up the Prophets in the land. He stood for the Voice of the Lord, even when it was not always popular...the true Word of the Lord meant more to him than the approval!' ⏩Deborah was a Prophet and a Judge, and was the only female Judge we see in scripture. We see that she moved in an Apostolic authority, she warred in the gate, and the 'Princes of Issachar' were with Deborah (Judges 5). I believe they ran with her because, as a Judge, she had the ability to discern what was right and wrong, and 'judge' what the Lord's will was for a circumstance. Issachar was known for discerning the times and seasons, so it would make sense that they wanted to run with a woman who did also. It is a season for the women warriors to arise, and for the Issachars Princes to run with them! It is a season for the Prophets and Judges to war in the gates! Some are called to be both a Prophet and a Judge or Apostle. To be a Judge does not mean they are judgemental, but simply that they have the discernment to judge between what is right and what is wrong, between what is holy and what is not, between what is truly of the Lord and what is not! Along with raising them up separately, the Lord is also going to begin to raise up His "Judge Prophets" again, who will "judge" correctly from the heart of the Lord, and will function from their intimate knowledge of knowing Him and sensing His heart on a matter.

Now is the time for the Samuels and Deborahs to ARISE...take your place of authority, sit in your seat, judge righteously from His Heart, and declare the authentic word of the Lord!

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