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In the Spring...when Kings go out to War!

Many of you have encountered severe attacks in the past couple of months, especially in the area of your mantle, finance and relationships. It is due, in part, to the time of year - Springtime! This is traditionally when Kings went to war. (2 Sam 11:1, 1 Chr 20:1) They could capitalize on the grain harvest and bounty per their conquest and it proved to be a strategic time to gain territory. You too, are in a fight to keep old territory and possess new territory. Know this: Now is NOT the time to give up and give in! The greatest resistance you will encounter is at the threshold of the gates, so keep moving and keep fighting! There is a great reward of provision coming to you if you persevere through this season. The enemy counters with high-level witchcraft intended to blind you with a smokescreen of depression, heaviness, discouragement and despair. Be sure that their is NO legal ground for this and remain sober and vigilant throughout this season. Gird yourself with ALL the Ephesians 6 armor, especially truth. Reject the lies and doctrinal heresy that "you do not need to fight" matter who tells you that. Observe the Biblical protocols (rules of engagement) and be wise. Let Elohim address the wars in the heavens and listen for His command to engage as required. Be sure that you know your sphere of influence and then exercise your authority on/in the Earth. Remember to request angelic assistance and activate them per the Word of the Lord. You are a King...Remember that. You are favored of the Lord and called to conquer. You have been given a throne, but you must earn the crown. Rise up!! #KingdomLife #BountyAwaits #VictoryIsSweet #GirdYourself #Valor 

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