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When hearing about the new abortion law that was overturned in Ireland this week, the Lord reminded me of the following word that He had me release for the "Emerald Isle" this past October, after the epic hurricane that hit there. For those contending and praying for this great land, remember what He has promised, and know that He will use all of the things happening to bring about great reform and purification for this land. Keep praying, keep contending...things may be bad for a season, as the storms rage around you, but He is hearing the cries of His remnant, and there will be fathers for the fatherless! He has much in store for Ireland. ⏩💚 "There is a great storm coming to Ireland, and a great shaking will take place, in order to prepare for the new that the Lord will release there. It will be "the perfect storm" in many ways, to create an atmosphere that is primed and ready for the great shift that is much needed. Although it may not seem like it during the height of the storm, it is the perfect storm to prepare the people in many ways. Much will be exposed during and after this storm "season", but the exposure is strategic and needed for the reform to happen. It may be uncertain at times, but it will be neccessary for many to move to a place of change. There has been much intercession for Ireland in the past years, and the Lord has heard their cries and prayers...this "unprecedented" storm is the beginning of many changes that are coming! I heard the Lord say ~ 'Waves of change, which will bring about many unprecedented things, will be coming to your shores, My beloved Ireland! Yet all of it is in preparation of a 'reforming' of many things that need to occur. For even as you have been called by many before, you are indeed My "Emerald Isle", and I am fashioning you, My people of Ireland, to come forth as the precious jewel that you are, just as the emerald. After the storm, and after the winter season, it will be your time to spring forth, just as the green lush grass you are known for. I will be raising up many apostolic "Fathers", who will be of the spirit of Patrick. As Patrick was one who loved and cared for My people of Ireland, with My Father's heart, so will these be that I am raising up...and also those I am sending from other shores. They will have My Father's heart, and they will raise you up and help you to grow in Me, in a greater way than it has been in many generations. They will help you be formed into the beautiful gem that I have called you to be. Do not grow weary in the storms ahead, for they must come...but they will purify, and will help bring you forth as a gleaming jewel for My Glory!' As the Lord was speaking about Ireland being the "Emerald Isle", I felt led to look up the meaning for Emerald, and I found something very interesting. The name of this emerald stone in the New Testament Greek is "smaragdos", which means "live coal". Upon reading this, I heard the Lord say ~ "I will place My coal to you, and I will begin to purify you, My people of Ireland. I will purify your heart and your walk until you come forth as the beautiful jewel I have created you to be. A jewel for My crown!" 

(See Isaiah 6) There will be much change in the weeks and months ahead for the country of Ireland, and some will be difficult times, but as they allow the "perfect storm" to purify and form them into what He would have them to be, I believe they will begin to sparkle like a precious jewel as never before. Let's continue to pray and intercede for His purposes to be done in the "Emerald Isle"...I believe the best is yet to come for this beautiful land!" Click HERE to read the entire word released last October for the Emerald Isle.

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