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Hawaii's Kilauea volcano in danger of turning explosive 🌋

As I have been reporting on this over the last week, it is still in need of very serious prayer and intercession! 🙏

Scientists warn of once-in-a-century eruption from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, stating it could explode within a week. Please see this video article regarding this from Fox News HERE .

As another source reported... "If Kilauea Violently erupts, an unstable landmass called the Hilina slump, which is 10 miles wide by 15 miles long and several miles deep, is expected to fall off the sea-side of the volcano into the Pacific Ocean. Such a slide would instantly generate s Pacific-wide tSUNAMI which would wipe out cities on the US West Coast within four to five hours after it took place. Waves rojected at 30+ Meters high (90+ feet tall) would inundate San Diego, Los Angeles and other large cities, wiping much of them off the face of the earth. This is a very dynamic situation and people along the US west coast must pay very close attention to the events taking place in Hawaii." 

We need to be in much prayer for what is taking place here, as well as several other incidents taking place around the world! 🌎

We are living in unprecedented days, and we must be alert and prayerful at all times! 🙏

In Prayer,

Amanda Shiflett

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