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An Epic Shift ~ Rev. Billy Graham

It was an epic day here outside of Asheville NC, honoring Reverend Billy Graham's life and impact to humanity. A man of grace, integrity, humility, and conviction, who has witnessed to more people than most anyone in the last 2,000 years. I believe he is hearing "Well done, good and faithful servant...enter now into the joy of your Lord!" 🙌 Darin and I had to make an impromptu business trip to the Asheville region of NC Tuesday afternoon, and we were still there yesterday. It was a late night on Tuesday, and we didn't go to bed until after midnight. As we finally lay down to rest, I became overwhelmed with tears, although I couldn't explain why? I was literally sobbing, and had no idea why? I could sense a major shift. I thought perhaps it was from exhaustion, as we have been a bit overwhelmed with the transition lately, although everything that is happening is good. Little did I know, that one of the greatest generals of the past 100 years, was about to take his last breaths, literally just miles from where we were. When I heard the news early yesterday, I began weeping again. I am weeping as I write this...only now I know why! We immediately the few miles over to the Chapel at the Billy Graham Training Center just down the road from where he lived. 

A great man, with a great impact has entered into Glory! a game changer. This will signal one of the greatest shifts the body of Christ has ever seen. His mantle will fall on many, and the greatest harvest of souls is upon us! The hour we have so awaited, is now here. It is time, for His Glory to be revealed in His Church, and for her to return to her first Love. ❤

We are entering a season of the greatest harvest of souls that this world has ever seen! We are now entering the time where the former and the latter rain will come within the same month. There is a convergence coming, and the flood waters will rise...from the ankles, to the knee, to the waist, until we are swimming in it!💧💦🌊 A new era has begun, and today on 2/22, will mark a major shift in the body of Christ! We will see amazing and miraculous manifestations of His Spirit, unlike has been seen since the days of the first Apostles until now! Let it come Lord!!! 🙌🔥

Be ready people of God....for today, everything is going to shift into overdrive!! 

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