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⏩There is coming a great reformation to many countries of the world, and in many it has already begun! I have mentioned many times in the last year about much of the reformation that is happening here in America, and it will continue in intensity in this season. There is also much reformation coming in Europe, and I have specifically seen this happening in many parts of Western & Central Europe - Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Ireland, and all of the U.K.(England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) will experience massive reform in many areas; Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Czech Rep, Croatia, Slovenia, and Slovakia will have intense reformation in the months and years ahead.

Much will happen in Spain and France in the coming months and years. I see much reformation happening in Russia as well. We will see some of this reformation begin to flow over to the Eastern European and Baltic countries as well, but not with the intensity we will see in these Western & Central European nations. I see the nations of the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, and Germany specifically leading with a spirit of reformation that will continue to rise in the years to come. Much shifting in alignment, and in awakening to truth will be seen among many during this time. The blinders will begin to come off of many, and they will see, and will begin to stand up for what they now know to be true. The enemies lying grip on many will be lost in this next season...for His purposes to be done.

In addition, there will be major reformation begin to happen in several South American countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Venezuela. The reformation (and the Reformers!) in these countries will begin to impact many other South and Central American countries, and those will see reformation also, yet not to the same extent as the others. Great reform is coming to Puerto Rico (although U.S. territory, but w/ Latin American roots), and Costa Rica as well. Many parts of Mexico and Columbia will be affected by the Reformation that is coming, as well as The Lord has been raising up many reformers in all these nations of the world, and this will continue in greater effect in the next few years. Some of these reformers have been and will be on the political scene, and will be set in places of government. Some will be called more to social reform, and some to religious reform. They will be known for their no-compromising position, and for standing for truth and righteousness, even in the face of much misunderstanding and persecution. They will expose lies and promote truth. Many of the reformers that the Lord will be raising up will be much more balanced, and even a counter in essence, to the other more extremist groups attempting to rise in power. Expect to see many with the same anointing and tenacity of John the Baptist, Martin Luther, William Tyndale, Joan Of Arc, Harriet Tubman, and Martin Luther King Jr...they will be reformers and revolutionaries!

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