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Here is a word by another prophetic reformer. The Lord is truly releasing the "fear of the Lord" back to His church in this hour!! 💨🔥⏳🎺 THE FEAR OF THE LORD AND THE AWAKENING TRUMPET ~ Mike Simmons “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Ps.111:10. Scripture speaks of the fear of the Lord well over 100 times. The reverential, awe-inspired fear of the Lord - much of the Church has lost. It is the first step toward knowledge and wisdom. I don’t mean being afraid of God. I’m speaking of honoring and humbly seeing the greatness of his character. The fear of the Lord has many benefits that will help us in our walk with God. Isaiah 11:1-2 and references in Revelation speak of the 7 Spirits of God. These awesome characteristics reveal insight into God’s nature. If we would catch a glimpse of God’s pure holiness, his magnificent greatness, his exalted majesty, his wondrous beauty – it would wreck our small-minded thinking. It would bring us to our knees in reverential awe and wonder. Ps. 33:8 “Let all the earth fear the Lord, and let all the inhabitants of the world be in awe of him.” The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever - Ps.19:9. It leads to long life. Fools despise wisdom that comes from the fear of the Lord. Why am I sharing this word today? Because I was encountered by the Spirit of the fear of the Lord. At the time I wasn’t troubled about anything. I have walked diligently with the Lord for decades and had many wonderful times in His presence so it surprised me to be overcome in this way. I later realized God was allowing me to sense what He is bringing upon the Church; an awakening to alignment! God is still shaking all things to break us out of our normal realm of thinking and comfort zone. He is calling us to attention and bringing all of our senses into focus. I sensed this was a call to the American church. The fear of the Lord works with knowledge to bring us to a deeper place of awareness. As we love, trust, worship and honor God through reverential fear and awe, we are captivated in a profound and humbling way. But this is not just any knowledge. Because we live in a world of distraction and information saturation, we need to unclutter our hearts and minds often. In order to re-focus on what matters most, we need to walk in the fear of the Lord so that He may reign us in and reign in us! Our faith actually expands dramatically in this relationship between the holy fear of the Lord and His love. It seems like a paradox but it actually draws us closer into a trusting place of intimacy with God. That benefit alone will bless you. A CLARION TRUMPET CALL – NO UNCERTAIN SOUND Since I was young, I have played trumpet for many years. I’ve had the privilege to minister in various countries with it. The trumpet gives a distinct and piercing sound that gets our attention. During this encounter I was aware of the awakening trumpet of the Lord. Scripture teaches that trumpets (shofar) were used to call the people of God to worship or to battle. But this encounter was not the call to worship or battle. It wasn’t the trumpet of 1 Thess. 4 calling the Bride of Christ away. This trumpet in the Spirit is a call to awaken the Church, here and now! I keep hearing it in my spirit. For example, during a prophetic conference with about 700 people awhile back, we were worshiping when suddenly in the spirit I heard, “THE TRUMPETS ARE SOUNDING!” three times. It arrested my attention and God began to speak to me about some things. Listen Church – it’s His goodness and mercy that awakens us! I believe God is giving us a window of time – to wholeheartedly respond. “When God’s people are walking in the fear of the Lord and the comfort of the Holy Spirit, they will increase (multiply).” – Acts 9:31 God is giving a clarion call to awaken us to REPENT - that’s right, to REPENTANCE! He calls the church to return, to receive and to re-engage in His kingdom purposes. This call brings us into focus with true heart-searching honesty. The Spirit of the fear of the Lord is a place that we must live in. It’s not something to be avoided. It actually produces the fruit of desire to please God above anything else. SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS – TOTAL ECLIPSE Scripture tells us that God has ordained times and seasons. We understand that the sons of Issachar were anointed to discern and understand them, to know what Israel should do. In this age of rapidly multiplying overabundant information, we must know His Word endures forever! I don’t think the solar eclipse was just another phenomenon. “The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his handiwork!” – Ps. 19:1 A few days before the event I heard the Lord say, “MY GLORY will Eclipse all other wonders!” In simplest terms, the total eclipse of the sun got us to stop and look up! To begin to see with new perspective. If nothing else, the eclipse made America wonder! We refocused our sights on the sun! And God is calling us all to refocus on His Son Jesus, to examine our hearts before Him. Here’s the bottom line: God is calling the Church to wake up, because He will continue to shake up this nation. Forty is a number God puts a lot of stock in. Forty days from Aug.21st leads directly to Yom Kippur – the holiest day in the Jewish calendar – Day of Atonement. Between that is the Feast of Trumpets. Is it a coincidence? I hardly think so. If Israel was called to search their hearts and humble themselves during the 40 days leading to Yom Kippur, what might the Church learn from this? If we want America to wake up, we as the Church must be prepared too! I continue to hear the Lord call for alignment and I believe it leads to assignment. So let me ask, is Jesus still your first love? Have you taken up any idols in your life? Have you caved in to worldly lusts? What about being a people pleaser? Is un-forgiveness or bitterness creeping in? This is not about being more religious. It’s about being real and living in intimate fellowship with the Lord. Listen - there’s a harvest of souls coming and the Church is NOT READY. We cannot come and go from the place of the holy and not be changed! The Lord wants to do a mighty work in us! Lets get into His presence and be transformed with fresh fire! Be honest, transparent and yielded before Him in the reverent, holy fear of the Lord. “Who will not fear you, Oh Lord, and bring glory to your name? For you alone are holy. All nations will come and worship before you, for your righteous acts have been revealed.” – Rev 15:4 

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