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🔄🔥Excerpt from Reformers Arising!! ⏫🙌

🔄🔥"These {reformers} that I am raising up will have no fear of man, but will have reverential fear of Me alone ~ they will only strive to please My heart, and will listen to My Voice alone! They will burn with a desire to see My truth come forth, to see My light shine in the darkness. They will stand against injustice ~ they will stand against compromise ~ they will walk in My Glory, and be branded with the Fire of My holiness! They will stand against the altars of Baal that have been raised up, and like Gideon, they will be the ones to tear down even the altars that were raised by their father's house. They will stand for truth, and expose lies ~ they will stand in light, and expose darkness! They will know and expose the difference in the holy and the profane. They will be of every race, of every tribe, of every generation, both male and female..." 🔄⏫🔨⌛⏰🙌 #Reformation #ReformersArising #HammerProphets #500years #MartinLuther #NowIsTheTime #NoCompromise #FearOfTheLord ❇Excerpt from word of the Lord - "Let The Reformers Arise" ~ Oct 31st, 2016 ~ Amanda Shiflett  

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