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Fires, Storms, & Floods ~ Part 1: "Battle-Worthy" Harvey

It truly was one of the worst floods in the history of Texas, as well as the nation! No one knew, as many in the U.S. gazed up at the Solar Eclipse just 4 days before, what exactly was about to hit our shores. Just as Hurricane Harvey was making it's 2nd landfall in TX, the Lord began to speak to me about what was happening and what was to come for this region. It would be the worst of times, and the best of times...and in that order. I will be sharing this in 3 separate parts, as there is much to disclose, and it is easier to release in sections.

Darin and I had arrived in Houston in the early hours of the morning, August 28th, the day after this "Battle-worthy" storm made landfall near Corpus Christi, and just as it had begun to move towards the Houston area, where it would stall out for several days. We would be staying with my mom and step-dad, who live in the Northwest area of the city, close to Spring and Cypress. The waters were already rising much when we arrived, and it took some skilled driving and maneuvering for us to even be able to reach their home, due to the intense flooding. I am grateful my husband is a good driver, and that we brought the truck on this trip!

I was raised in Houston for much of my childhood (years 2-12), so it always feels like coming home to me in a way. This time felt no different, although I additionally felt the weight of the assignment to intercede, not only for my family and their home, but also on behalf of the city and region. I sensed the major devastation that was beginning to happen all around...I wasn't sure what I could do, but I knew I had to be there, and I knew I had to do something! Once we sensed the Lord's strong urging to go, we drove all day and much into the night to get there as soon as possible. Many of you have read the word the Lord gave me as we were driving into Houston, about the "battering ram" of the spirit that was needed to see this storm dislodged (see word here). We finally arrived at my parent's home, exhausted and thankful, at 3am on Monday morning.

After some rest, we went to get extra food and water (what an experience!), and continued to watch and pray, as the storm and flooding grew worse and worse throughout that day. Although we did not have any flooding in the neighborhood we were in, there was much flooding just miles away. By Tuesday morning, the area had received more water than ever before in history, an unbelievable 51.88 inches, and they were projecting the storm would continue to dump another 10-15 more inches of rain over the area, until Harvey finally moved east on Thursday. We had watched the news over the last few days, and had seen how much devastation had already happened. Our hearts were so heavy. I also knew how much more catastrophic it would be if we received even more rain after all that had already come. Although I had already been in prayer off and on for much of the time we had been here, I felt that I was not released to do anything other than intercession until Tuesday morning. As I awoke, I checked the weather on my phone to see where the storm was and what the meterologist were saying, and the prognosis looked grim. Nothing had changed, and still no let up on the torrential rain until Thursday mid-day. I went into a time of intense intercession, and asked the Lord what I could do? - I said, "Lord I'm on the ground, and I know you sent us here...but surely it's for more than just my parents. Lord, what can I do?!" Suddenly, I remembered the "battering ram" word that I had heard & seen while driving in, and I then heard the Lord instruct me to take authority over the storm and command it to leave the area. I argued with the Lord that there were many others who were praying and interceding that were native to this area, and surely they had much more ability and authority than I to remove this storm from it's place. I heard the Lord say "You are an adopted daughter of Houston and Texas, both by being raised here, and by your step-father...stop waiting for someone else. I brought you do it!" I had no more arguments. I felt the Lord leading me to go to the large culvert that is here in my parents subdivision. It was raining and much wind was blowing, but I told Darin and my family that I must go. They said they would join me. The Lord instructed me to do a FB Live video, and get as many people to join me as possible, then begin to use the "battering ram" of the Spirit to speak to Harvey and dislodge him from his place. At around 2pm on Tuesday, August 29th, I did as the Lord instructed, and many joined me Live in commanding that this horrific storm must go! I felt the anointing drop during our time of intercession and declaring, and at one point, felt the release that it was done. As we ended the video and went back to the house, I honestly thought we would probably see some change by the next morning. I was wrong! As we watched the news reports over the next 2 hours, it was literally as if the Newscasters couldn't keep up with how fast the storm began to move out. Several of them seemed a bit stunned at times, as they began to say that it appeared Harvey had finally begun to move eastward and should be out of the Houston area by 9pm that night. That was a day and a half earlier than what they had been predicting all day. We were astonished! The Lord truly does do wondrous works when His people come together and do what He instructs them to do. When we obey the Lords commands, regardless of who may or may not understand, He is faithful to be there for us in the battle, and guide us into victory! Thank you, Lord, for Your goodness and faithfulness to us all!

Please let me say that, although I do believe our prayers & declarations that day had a part in moving this storm out, I do realize that there were many, many people praying and interceding over this city and this region, both here and around the nation. I believe it was a conjoined effort and a culmination of many people interceding and speaking to this storm, that finally "battered" this storm out of it's place. We simply obeyed the Lord and did our part. Also, I realize there was much damage done, both in property, and in lives lost, and for that I grieve tremendously. However, I can only imagine how much worse it would have been, if Harvey had remained stuck here for another day or more, dumping much more rain on an already flooded and devastated area. Why didn't the Lord instruct me to do what I did before this, I do not know...but I know that His timing and ways are perfect. PLEASE BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR PART 2 COMING SOON ~ WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN AND WHAT IS THE LORD GETTING READY TO DO?

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