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Reformation is Here!

We have a Solar Eclipse that comes completely over the US, and only the US. This same day begins the season of Teshuvah, which is 40 days of repentance, on the Hebrew calender. Within a week of this eclipse, a major Hurricane hits that brings one of the worst storms in our history to our shores. The news commentators keep saying it was the "worst flooding in 500 years"...not sure how they know that, but that's what they kept saying. As this storm is moving northward, it brings unprecedented rain and offshoot storms to many areas across the southeast, one of which is an offshoot tornado that touches down in a place called Reform, AL. Yes, that's the name of the town. (pic below is of this tornado) Meanwhile, out in the Atlantic, meteorologist and many others, are following a major Hurricane that could very well affect our Southeast Coast in a big way, depending on it's course. The name of this storm is Hurricane Irma...a German name deriving from a name that means "War Goddess". Follow me here...500 years...German...Reform. 500 years ago this year, a German priest named Martin Luther, began what would come to be known as the "Protestant Reformation". This would change the course of humanity, Christianity, and the world, as never before. The Lord is speaking, and He is speaking about the "re-formation" that is needed NOW! Many of you know all that the Lord has been speaking to me about Reformation since the end of last year. This is a year of Reformation, and I believe it is here, whether we are ready, and whether we like it or not! Reformation is HERE, and it will affect this entire country, but mostly, His church! #Reformation #Arising

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