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The Prophetic Issachar's are rising up in this season as never before! They are being given downloads from the Lord about the amazing season we have entered into, and the "blueprints" and understanding to the meaning of many things that are happening in this hour. There is a very specific, highly attuned anointing that is being poured out in this time, and those walking in this anointing have begun to see, hear, and perceive on a whole different level than before...almost as if they are picking up things on a different wavelength than before. Many things have been on a higher wavelength that has not been accessible before now...but now they find they are able to pick things up on a much higher frequency than they have been able to in the past. Those who have begun to function with this new level of prophetic Issachar anointing, have also begun to sense and receive many things at a higher rate of speed than ever before. It is coming quicker than ever before...almost lightening fast! They need to make sure not to be overwhelmed by it, as the Lord is simply recalibrating them to this higher level of perceiving and releasing. This will be necessary for this season we have now entered. Much is happening in the spirit realm, with intense battles going on in the spirit realm, and the enemy has ramped up his warfare in a way that has not been seen in past seasons...he simply knows his time is short. It will be necessary to perceive and process at this higher rate of speed, in order to be able to perceive the enemies plans, and win against him in the battles ahead. As I am typing this now, I am remembering a word I released a few months ago about the Lord taking us into a season of acceleration that will cause a "sonic boom" in the spirit. I believe the Lord is saying that this is a part of that. Many will find that they even feel as if they are in a future season in the spirit, even though they are still functioning naturally in this time and season. For instance, a prophetic friend and I were discussing that we have both been feeling as if we were already deep into Autumn for the last month or so, although in the natural we are knowing that summer has not even ended. I found myself buying Fall decor and placing it around my house, as well as purchasing Fall candles and foods. I found myself already into celebrating Autumn, although I normally don't do any of this until the end of Sept or first of Oct every year. Even this past week in Houston, in some ways it felt as if we were in town to celebrate Thanksgiving. I can't explain this, except to say that I know it is a part of this accelerated season we are in. My friend also was purchasing foods for the cooler months (chili, soup, etc), and even pulled out warmer clothing. She said she began to see and feel as if she were already in the Fall, and was sensing what would be happening in November. This may all sound very odd and strange (and it is somewhat!), but the Lord began to show me that it is just a part of the intense prophetic & "Issachar" nature of the season we are in. We are at an extremely accelerated pace, and the Lord is needing many Issachar's to move into this place, to help prepare and move the body into the season(s) we will be entering next! It is very imperative that this happen now, to combat what the enemy is planning & strategizing in this time. As the Lord is raising these up with an intensified level of prophetic "Issachar" anointing, it will be necessary, and even essential, for leaders in the body to trust and listen to them. There are warnings and insights that will be given in this intense prophetic season that will require a level of trust and discernment that many have not operated in before. These will be necessary elements for safety, and in order to be prepared and equipped to fight the enemy in the battles that lie ahead. I have sensed that there could be dire circumstances if these "Issachars" are not heard and heeded. The Lord is raising them up out of His great love and desire to protect His Body from much harm and danger. This is a season unlike any we've ever known before, and we are going to need to function in a different way than we ever have before. May the Lord give 5-fold leaders in the body ears to hear and discerning hearts to perceive what the Lord is doing in this time! Give them 20/20 (2 Chron.20:20) vision to hear and see what is needed in this hour! May the Prophetic Issachars continue to ARISE in this remarkable season, and let them reveal the plans of the Lord, and thwart the plans of the enemy! "May God arise, may his enemies be scattered; may his foes flee before him." ~Psalm 68:1 "Believe in the Lord your God and you will be established; believe His prophets and you will prosper.โ€ ~2 Chronicles 20:20 #Prophetic #Issachar #TimesAndSeasons #NewSeason #NewFrequency #Acceleration #PerceiveAndReceive www.propheticreformer.comย 

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