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The National Weather Service is calling this storm "unprecedented"...."The breadth and intensity of this rainfall are beyond anything experienced before". As I write this, I am overly aware of the fact that we just came through a major sign here in this country of the solar eclipse, and we are currently in the middle of the 40 days of repentance known as Teshuvah. For this to be happening right now is not a cannot be. I have received things that I am not at liberty to share publicly here on FB regarding this region in TX, but please be in prayer for those in authority and key leadership roles in this state and region, as this is a very critical time. As you probably know, many things that happen in the natural are mirroring the spiritual, so we must be very aware of what exactly we are dealing with. According to meteorologist, there is a "high pressure wall" that is keeping this storm from moving forward and out of the region. I have been hearing "battering ram" for 2 days, and when I heard about this "high pressure wall", I felt we needed a battering ram in the spirit to break down this wall to allow the storm to move out! 🐐🔨 According to officials, Houston has received over 24 in. of rain in a 24 hr period...this has not happened "in the last 500 years". This is prophetic as well. In Oct, it will be the 500th anniversary since the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. 🔄 They are predicting this could be the worst flooding to ever happen in US history. Thousands are stuck in their homes, and they are declaring the worst is yet to come for Houston. Although I do not believe this is a good sign of where things are, and it is another warning from the Lord that the Body of Christ needs to become "Battle Worthy"...I do believe it is also a sign of what is to come spiritually, if we will repent, return, and come into the place He has for us! A spiritual flood of epic proportions is going to hit this country, a flood of repentance followed by a flood of His Spirit that has never been seen before...the latter rain and the former rain in the same month!! 💧🌊 ⏫🔄💨It is time for the Ekklesia, the governing body of Christ, all over the US, but specifically in Texas, to rise up and begin to declare together... Declare that this storm WILL move on, this storm will not stall any longer, it will not cause any more catastrophe, but will diminish, move quickly and go to wherever the Lord would have it to go! LET US ALL COME INTO AGREEMENT, and STAND against this storm!! There is power in agreement! We call for the winds of change to begin to blow Harvey out of this region in Jesus name!! Declare with me that Harvey will continue to dissipate & will not stall for days and dump more rain as they are predicting! We declare that a battering ram in the spirit will hit this wall, and break it down, and Harvey WILL move out, in Jesus name!! 🔄🔨 

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