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Let me begin by saying that I am and will continue to be in earnest prayer for the people and property of TX, and all that are in the path of Hurricane Harvey. I stand in agreement with the warring Ekklesia there in the coastal and southeast Texas region, as they pray for protection, minimal damage, and no lives lost. I am asking for the Spirit of the Lord to raise up a standard against the enemy that would be coming against God's people in this region! I speak to Hurricane Harvey to diminish and dwindle, in Jesus Name!! Lord, may your body receive this sign, but may we also see Your mighty hand at work in diminishing this storm! ~ Hurricane Harvey and the "Body of Christ" ~ As I was praying about Hurricane Harvey that is headed into the coast of Texas this weekend, I sensed that it was more than what meets the eye. I felt led to look up the meaning of the name "Harvey", and found that one of the primary meanings of this name is "Battle Worthy". I thought, "Wow, that's interesting!", and I knew that there was something there, although it wasn't yet clear. As I continued to pray about it yesterday, I kept hearing the meteorologist say that this massive storm was headed straight for Corpus Christi, and that would be the primary city to take a hit, although much of that region would be under the intensity of this Category 3 Hurricane. Once again, I felt led to look up the meaning of the name of the city. Corpus Christi means "Body of Christ". I immediately sensed that this was a sign and a warning to the body of Christ, specifically the body here in the US, although in other nations as well. I sensed the Lord saying that the enemy is coming, and he is "Battle Worthy"...but what about the Body of Christ? Are we? Are we armed, equipped, trained, and ready for the battle ahead? The term "Battle Worthy" means "capable of engaging in combat; ready for battle". Another term used synonymously at times is "Battle Ready". This is a phrase used by sword enthusiasts when talking about functional swords. Battle ready means a sword is made to be functional, meaning made to be used for its intended purpose. ⚔️ I sensed the Lord saying, "Many in My body are not 'Battle Worthy'. Many have not sharpened their sword, nor are they functioning in their intended purpose as a soldier in My army. Although many have hearkened to My voice, and have done much to become trained and "Battle Worthy" for the warfare that is ahead, many others have they are waiting for Me to rescue them from the battle they are facing. I am needing them to engage in this battle." As I heard the Lord say this, I was reminded of the fact that many in the body of Christ do not even think we are in a battle, nor do they believe they should have to fight the enemy. We are already victorious in Christ, they say. Sadly we have had some leaders who are teaching that the Lord has already won the war, therefore there is no need to fight or engage in any warfare against the enemy. Overall there has been a tremendous lack of training and equipping in the body of Christ at large, specifically in true spiritual warfare, and especially in the western Church. During this time, the Lord also began to show me that, due to the lack of embracing of the true Apostolic that the Lord has sent, the church overall has not been trained and prepared for the battle that is now at hand. In some cases, the Apostolic that has been embraced has been a false Apostolic that has risen up, in an attempt to try to appease the great need for fathering and teaching that has been missing in much of the body. Sadly, much ground has been lost in this country (and many other nations) because for so long, many Christians have not wanted to fight the enemy for their families, their homes, their cities, or their nation. Yes, we have some who are equipped and fighting in prayer, spirit-led intercession, and strategic warfare....but not nearly enough. Why is this? Why are more not understanding their place in the army of the Lord? Perhaps it is because it is not a very popular subject? It is easier to believe that He has already defeated the enemy (and yes, we are fighting from a place of our authority in Him), so there is no need to do any spiritual warfare. In that case, why would we need armor? (Eph. 6) It also says in Eph. 6 that, "we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places". This is very clear that we are in a battle with these demonic forces...hence the need for armor. Perhaps it is because many do not want to be told that in order to win, they need to be trained in the art of battle, they need to understand their enemy, and they need to be equipped and ready to fight? It is much easier for the Lord to do our fighting for us. The body of Christ overall, is not operating at the level of "Ekklesia" governing power and authority that she needs to be, in order to see God's government released in this earth realm. If we are to win in this fight against the enemy that is trying to overtake our cities and our nations, it is time for the body of Christ to realize that we are more than a son or daughter, more than a servant of the Lord, more even than the Bride awaiting her Bridegroom. It is time for us to realize we are soldiers, fighting for our King, taking ground to see His Kingdom advance, and occupying until He comes! It is time for us all to become equipped, trained and "Battle Worthy", in order to be able to fight the enemy at our gates! The true Apostles and Prophets are arising during this hour, and they will have much to do to prepare those in the body for their role in this powerful end-time army. Pastors, Evangelist, and Teachers, you will need to embrace this Apostolic and Prophetic movement, as the entire 5-fold will be needed in this hour to see victory in the battles ahead, and to see His Kingdom advanced in a more powerful way than ever before! I believe this "Battle Worthy" storm that is about to hit the Body of Christ (Corpus Christi), is a sign to His body that it is time to prepare ourselves and make sure we are ready for the battles ahead. As we are in this time of Teshuvah in the body of Christ, may we repent for our apathy and our misappropriation of the power and authority He has given us. The enemy is raging, as he knows his time is coming to a close, and he is about to strike with intensity. However, we as the Body of Christ must not be afraid of his tactics, or shrink back in fear...we must simply discern his tactics, be prepared, armed and ready for battle, and KNOW that we do not war alone! Our God is fighting with us, and if He is for us, who can stand against us?! #AnArmyDressedForBattle #TimeToSuitUp #Apostolic #Prophetic #SpiritualWarfare #Harvey #BattleWorthy #BodyOfChrist #EkklesiaArising #NowIsTheTime

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