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Great American Eclipse

The picture is of the official logo that someone created for the "Great American Eclipse". The Lord highlighted this to my husband yesterday and he was led to release the following amazing word, regarding where this country is and where the body of Christ is in this hour. Powerful!! "I noticed something while looking at the logo for the "Great American Eclipse". The path of this event appears to divide the country into two, (Republicans and Democrats). I saw the placement of the sun at the Mason Dixson Line and it was a sobering reminder of how fragmented and divided this country really is. The political and social division is a reflection of the Ekklesia right now in that the five-fold ministry offices are just not quite synchronized. The components exist, but they are not assembled into a fully functioning company. The warnings that the prophets are giving are the Father's way of expressing His urgent desire for the body to "align" for the next sequence of events on His calendar. For months, I have been raising awareness of the "One New Man" that we must become. The body of Christ must reform and make critical adjustments to our protocols, mindsets and behaviors in order to come into compliance with God's heart. This oneness is crucial! We must converge and assemble. The harvest of souls is hanging in the balance and we are the key to unlocking the greatest move of God to ever hit the planet. How we move in the next 90 days will determine the trajectory and velocity of the Ekklesia for the next three years. #Apostles, listen to the is their year. Lean not unto your own understanding, but acknowledge the Spirit as He speaks. The prophets can only point, waive their arms and sound the alarm. Apostles, answer the call. #Teachers, engage the current frequency of Heaven and start explaining truth, Holiness, balance and light like never before. #Pastors, prepare your sheep for unfamiliar pastures and valleys. This will be a testing time and some sheep will need extra support. #Evangelist, circulate the over-arching theme of God's agenda, and serve as a mobile coordinator in your region. This will be a group effort and every part of the body must be rallied, engaged, equipped and empowered! We are winners. I have read the back of the Book and we win...BIG! There is help in Zion...there is no King but Jesus. Let's gird ourselves, sit on our thrones as Kings and Ambassadors of the Heavenly realm and be God's agents of #shift in this amazing season. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! Be blessed and may His peace surround you and encamp about you." -Darin Shiflett

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