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7/7/17 ~ The Propelling Will Cause a SONIC BOOM!!

7/7/17 ~ TODAY IS A DAY OF SHIFTING AND PROPELLING FORWARD!! "My people are about to be propelled into the place that I have for them, and it will be so forceful that it will cause a SONIC BOOM in the spirit realm..." I sensed the Lord saying this morning, that today would mark a day where His people would begin to PROPEL forward into the next season that He has for them, and even into the new "era" that we have stepped into. Although the 2nd half of the year (on the Gregorian calendar) technically began on July 2nd, I sensed that in the spirit realm, today would mark a day when we would begin to step into the grace for this new season. I also sensed we would begin to walk in the grace to "complete" (7 represents completion) those things that we have not been able to, from the beginning of the year until now. As a matter of fact, I believe we will have more grace to come into completion for the next 3 months, than we have had the last 9 months. From now until Rosh Hashanah (September 20th), the Lord is going to begin to PROPEL His people forward with supernatural movement and ability! For many of God's chosen ones, ever since the beginning of this year of 5777 (10/2/16), you have had one frustration after another, one hardship after another, one attack, one fight, and one battle after another. Some have been through attacks because they have been deceived, and they are actually being used by the enemy to come against the purposes of God. They have been blinded and are not aware that the attacks against them are because they have opened the door for the enemy to come in. I am praying for a "Damascus Road" experience for those, that the blinders will be taken off, and they will see that they are kicking against the pricks, as it were. However, most of God's people who have been under major attack are His remnant, His chosen ones, who are about to come into the greatest season of harvest, purpose, and destiny than ever before...this is why the enemy has been fighting so hard! Now is your time, and this word is for you! Let us all pray and seek the Lord, to make sure we are in the 2nd group, and not the first. For those of His remnant, His chosen ones for this hour... You have been weakened by the onslaught of these attacks and battles, and have wondered if they will ever come to an end! Trust me I know...I have been right there with you! Although you have felt weak, and had moments of doubt, overall you have stood strong, and you have remained faithful. This may have been the greatest test of your life so far, but you have come through, and you are still here. Remember are still here, and you are still standing! Not only are you here, you are about to step into your destiny with a supernatural forward thrust! When I felt the Lord speaking about the significance of today and stepping into this new season, I saw an airplane going through a sonic boom. When a plane gets to the place that it is going faster than the speed of sound, it causes a sonic boom in the sound barrier that can also be seen in the natural. I heard the Lord say ~ "My people are about to be propelled into the place that I have for them, and it will be so forceful that it will cause a SONIC BOOM in the spirit realm! The enemy that has fought hard to keep them from stepping into their destiny in this year of 5777, is about to be pushed back by the force of the wind and sonic blast that I am sending to propel My people into this new season. This wind is the breath of My Spirit, and the enemy is no match for the wind that I am about to blow! Expect to see rapid completion of things that have been held up, rapid abundance where there has been lack, rapid and sudden "God-moments", and rapid destiny moments coming to past! Those who have felt the enemy fighting hard to keep them from stepping fully into their destiny in Me, are about to be propelled into their destiny with supernatural Divine connections and Divine breath that I have orchestrated. Even those things that you have thought were dead, are about to receive new "breath" from My Spirit...just as I did in the valley of dry bones with Ezekiel, so will I do with you. Speak to those things that have felt dead, even to those dreams that the enemy has tried to convince you were dead in this last season, and tell them to LIVE! Watch as My Spirit breathes new life on those dead things, and causes those dry bones to live again! For I AM the resurrection and the LIFE, those who believe in Me, though they are dead, yet shall they live! Speak to those things that you know I have destined you to do, those very things that the enemy has fought so hard against, and say that they will come to past! Speak to your soul to come into alignment with your spirit, and tell your soul that it is well. Receive the refreshing winds that I am sending to your soul even now. For although your soul has become weary at times because of the intensity of the warfare in this last season, My Spirit is beginning to blow on your weary soul in new ways in this next season. You will begin to feel My hope, My joy, My peace, and My promises come alive in you, as your soul begins to come into alignment with your spirit, which is aligned with My Spirit. I say to you that this year is not over, and the completion that I have ordained for this year (5777) will come to past. It has truly been a year of the sword, and of the conflict of thrones, but remember that I rule and reign over all, and I am still seated on My throne! Let your faith arise in My promise, and know that you are Mine, and I hold you in the palm of My hand. Watch now, for I am releasing My warring angels to fight on your behalf...and there are many more that are for you, than those who are against you! I have allowed you to be buffeted, I have allowed you to go through the fire, but I have purged you, and purified you, and you are coming forth as My Gold in this next reflect My GLORY! ARISE and SHINE, for your light has come, and My Glory will be seen upon you, My chosen ones! Now is your time of revealing!" *Note: As I was writing this word from the Lord, Darin and I both heard several round of loud thunder...from a blue sky with only a few random clouds. I know this was the Lord confirming His word!

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