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Breaker Anointing Times Two!

Here is an amazing word of the Lord about Doubles from our good friend Amanda Hill, which she gave for June 2017. Although we have moved into another month on the Hebrew calendar, the Double was definitely birthed this month, and I believe it will continue on. The Double portion anointing and breakthrough will be intensifying in the days and weeks ahead!

"For the last few months, I have seen and heard of the birth of twin horses, sheep, bears, owls, and a host of other rarities. A Wisconsin couple adopted two sets of twins and then gave birth to their own twins. All three sets of twins were born on the same date. Another couple this year gave birth to their second set of twins. Additionally, several times I have seen, heard, and even experienced several double yolked eggs. Also, numbers have been duplicating as well. Everywhere I turn I see; 11:11, 12:12, 2:22, 3:33 and so on and so on. I see it on clocks, receipts, menu items, hotel rooms, baggage tickets, important documents, etc… The Lord has clearly been speaking, because you just can’t make this stuff up! This is what the Lord is saying; The body of Christ has entered the realm of the double in the Hebrew month of Sivan, the month of twins. The double was birthed this month.

In Genesis 38, Judah and Tamar had twin boys, Perez and Zerah. Perez was born first, even though his brother, Zerah, put his hand out first, but then drew it back. Perez means breaking out, breakthrough, bursting forth or outburst! Zerah was born second and his name means brightness, shine, rising, or dawning!

The Lord is saying to His faithful remnant, His sons and daughters; 'I am giving you a double portion of the breaker anointing to break open new, unexplored ways to possess the influential gates of your enemies. From your new position, you will legislate My agenda in your region. Then the brightness of My light will arise and shine with brilliance, illuminating that which was once dark. Some have grown frustrated, asking and waiting for Me to provide breakthrough for them. No, I Am providing the double of the breaker anointing so that you can breakthrough for yourself, your family, your region, and your nation! You are the weapon! You breakthrough! The land that is being taken for My Kingdom is placing new resolve in my people to persevere. You will see the fruit of your labor more quickly in this season. You are the movement so, begin to move! Do not be fearful to speak the bold decrees I put in your mouth. It will seem foolish and even presumptuous to some, but speak it anyway because it is from Me! It is time to advance and I am showing you what breakthrough looks like!' I want to encourage you to be fearless! Don’t be afraid to command things to change in your personal life; your finances, work, body, mind, relationships and any other area that isn’t producing as it should. I feel like the Lord is saying if we steward this anointing well, there is no expiration date on this supernatural season." 

Amanda Hill Ministries

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