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Word for Atlanta - Part 2🙏

On the 1st of April, 2017, I released a word from the Lord regarding Atlanta, and what I saw and heard coming if nothing was done. You can read that word here.  Although it has been some time coming, I am now released to share the second part to that word. 

We are very grateful for all the positive and encouraging responses to this word! Since the release of this word back in April, there have been multiple voices, including apostles, prophets, gatekeepers, and watchmen, confirming that they have also sensed or heard similar things from the Lord regarding Atlanta and the region. There were specific details and impressions that I received during the download God gave me, and now multiple witnesses have emerged, confirming some of the exact details that I was shown originally in April. These are things they could not have known without the Lord showing them. Thank you, Lord, for Your confirmations! Let me also reiterate, that although it was a word of warning, mercy is at the core. God desires to spare this city from a potentially difficult season ahead. After much prayer and input from our apostolic and prophetic co-laborers, I now feel that I can share some of the specifics that were vaguely expressed in the original posting on April 1st. This second portion will be mostly to bring clarification to some of the things that the Lord spoke in the original word. Let me say how much of a blessing it is to know that there are so many righteous leaders that have been in earnest prayer for this city, and remain in prayer regarding how the Lord would have His Ekklesia to address these major issues. The task is overwhelming without God’s intervention, but God is a merciful God and He has created a path if we are willing to engage it. Some have already begun to utilize this advanced warning, and the work to steward it with wisdom has already begun! I am very thrilled to say, that since the release of that word, there was a strategic gathering of the Ekklesia, where much repentance and "uprooting" occurred. During that gathering, the Lord spoke and confirmed that one of the problem “roots” had been pulled up that day! Hallelujah!! In the original word, speaking of the iniquities and strongholds in the city, much of what I saw had to do with things that went on years, and in some cases, decades ago. I saw certain figures who, for many years, held a powerful place in the Spirit in/around the city of Atlanta. Most of these were church/Kingdom leaders, who were originally called to be Apostolic fathers and gatekeepers over the city, but through their own iniquity, they allowed a high level of perversion and witchcraft to permeate the city. In some cases, they even embraced it and cultivated it. As a result, the spirits of perversion and error that were granted access, then began to infiltrate their own lives and churches, allowing these same spirits to enter the city on a new level, where they were then legally able to set up a stronghold. I also sensed that, because these perversions were so severe, and went on for so long by those with spiritual authority in the city, the enemy was able to set up a throne of iniquity from which his powers could rule. The Lord began to reveal that much of the evil and perversion that has taken place in and around the city for the last several decades, has been a direct result of this "seat" that the enemy has been granted. Some may or may not remember an incident that came to light many years ago, regarding a high school in the Metro Atlanta area that had dozens of students who were engaging in orgies and perversions of all types, which resulted in the spread of STD's on an unprecedented level. This incident was so severe and unbelievable, that a nationally televised documentary was produced, telling this horrific and sad story. The Lord allowed me to see, that this was all a result of the perversion that had been allowed and given rights over this region. Many of you have heard and know, that Atlanta has now become the "Gay & Homosexual Capital of the South" (perhaps of the entire East Coast), and is now only 2nd to San Francisco in the U.S. for its gay and homosexual communities. This also, is a direct result of this stronghold that has been set up here. I also saw that much of what we see in regards to the movie industry in Atlanta, and the types of movies that are coming out of this region, are a direct result of the witchcraft that is working on a high level to deceive and captivate the minds of many. They are especially targeting the younger generation. Although a spirit of perversion can be displayed in sexual ways, it can also manifest through error and twisted thinking. This spirit is out to deceive many into thinking that "white magic", games of sorcery, and dabbling with occultic things is harmless, and can actually be fun. These spirits of perversion/error are working strongly with a occultic spirits in this region, to bring many into a twisted way of thinking and error, thus altering the gift of discernment of spirits. It is attempting to bring many into a place where they say good is evil, and evil is good (Isaiah 5:20). I believe that this has even penetrated the Body of Christ in this city, and many are succumbing to the influence of these evil spirits (specifically their way of thinking). Note: Although I do realize that some of these things are simultaneously occurring in numerous cities elsewhere, I believe they are worse here because of the legal strongholds and thrones that were established many years ago, and that this is why the Lord is addressing the city of Atlanta now. What the Spirit of God showed me was specific to the Metro Atlanta area, so I can only address what I was shown about this city. I felt that the spirits of perversion and error had perhaps been allowed in this area for many years prior to these events (not sure for how long?), but they were not able to set up such a stronghold to that level, until the time when they were allowed access through the perversion and error of spiritual leaders/gatekeepers. While the Lord was speaking, I saw other things regarding the KKK, innocent blood-shed, and corruption in the government, which goes back many, many decades, even a century. I know He is requiring that these things be dealt with as well. I do not know fully what all will be required for His justice to be satisfied, but I am certain that He will reveal them to His Ekklesia, as we continue to intercede and discern. Let me encourage all who hear and are affected by this word, to continue to pray that His purposes and desires be fulfilled in Atlanta and the entire region. I believe the Lord has impressed this upon the hearts of many, and I believe that as we pray and do what is necessary, we will see a breakthrough in the destiny of Atlanta, and even the state of Georgia. May the Governmental Gate State, and the Gate City, arise to sit in her place in the Kingdom, in Righteousness and Justice!

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