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The Price of the Prophetic Edge

A quote from Lance Wallnau's latest FB video (click here to watch). It was so great to hear him articulate what I have been saying, yet in his unique way that is so unmistakably "Lance". I couldn't have said it better myself! Thank you Lance, for continuing to walk in a prophetic edge that is almost always speaking from a "future perspective" of where we are going, instead of "where we are now."

Love is an action, and just because I speak truth that you do not like or want to hear, or because there is a prophetic edge to what I say, please know that I am still motivated by love. As a prophet, one of my mandates is to help you walk in your destiny in freedom and wholeness, and to help steer you clear of any imminent danger that you may be walking into. The prophets primary mandate however, is to declare what the Lord is saying, and help the body move into a place of compliance to His kingdom purposes. Their primary function is not for your pleasure, but for His purpose to be displayed in your life. It is not their mandate to make the Body happy or "feel good", but to see the Lord's purpose come forth in the earth...and to confront those things that are hindering the Body from coming into His purposes. I am not speaking of functioning in a prophetic gifting, but someone in the Office of a prophet. Also, please remember that prophets almost always see in black and white, with very little grey. This is not a malfunction nor an error in their personality, but it is how God created them to be, in order for them to have the most impact, and to do what He has called them to do with precision. Most who know me, and know my prophetic call, know how kind and caring I am, especially when giving a personal prophetic word...I am usually crying with them! There are times when I am a little more pointed when speaking with someone who is asking for my advice or when I am in counseling sessions. This becomes an altogether different matter when I am speaking as a prophet to the Body of Christ at large, or in regards to regional or national matters. I am not cruel or mean-spirited, but my words can have a "prophetic edge" when I am calling out error that needs to be addressed. Not all prophets function in this way, as different prophets have different mandates.

However, I will say this...we have stepped into a paradigm shift of where we are and the kairos time we are in, both prophetically & apostolically. This began when we stepped into the new year of 5777 in October of last year. It is time for the maturing and fulfillment of certain things within the body, and it is the job of the 5-fold to prepare them for this new season. Please know that quite a few prophets are and will be, stepping forward in this time, with a mandate from God to correct and reform many errors that have gone on for too long in the Body of Christ. Some whom the Lord will be bringing forth have never functioned in this way before, but they feel an urging from the Spirit to step into a new realm of their calling, and they will find that they are unable to remain silent on many critical issues. Some will not be able to receive the message and will reject these prophets, and this is the price of the "prophetic edge".

As Lance (as well as myself and others) has said several times in the last 6 months ~ It is time for the #Reformers to reform how things are done, and what we see as the status quo! This will happen in all 7 mountains of society, which includes the Church (Ekklesia), and especially within the prophetic realm. This is a time unlike any other in history! Get Ready!!

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