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Reformation Word from Lance Wallnau

>>>Lance Wallnau's word from Oct. 31st video<<<

Speaking about 1517 Protestant Reformation, where Martin Luther challenged the corruption in the church/government, in 2017 we will celebrate the 500th anniversary of that event. “We are coming full circle in America to that same issue, and it won’t be a Pope, it will be the government and those in power, they are setting up a Collision Course for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation to happen again, and it will be Christians who will boldly defy having to bow the knee to the tyranny of any force that will require us to deny our allegiance to the word of God and to our own conscience. There’s going to be a collision, where the church is going to be in greater peril or greater strength than it’s ever been before, because the divisions are coming in the church world, the wrecking ball I believe is hitting the religious spirit. There is a Reformation coming, and I tell you October 31st is the date…it’s the date when the Satanist and witches celebrate their high holy day, and it’s the date when God threw the gauntlet down with the original “wrecking ball”, Martin Luther, and started the original Reformation. Today is the day, and it begins now…" Let the New Reformation come...let the #ReformersArise!!

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