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God says, "I Will Shake, I Will Shake!"

Here is a prophetic word given by Prophet Chuck Pierce...this word is resonating immensely in my spirit! This part was especially something that Darin and I have been sensing and seeing lately: "There will be a freedom moving among My people. A new wind of deliverance is coming into the church. What you swept clean in the past and reordered in the present will now be shaken. Many demonic hosts have returned to occupy the order of the last season. I must unseat that order and rearrange you into My order. Don't resist the shaking. A new move of healing will come."

It is time for complete healing and freedom in God's people! I see too many in the Body who are still bound, and because of Strongmen who have never been dealt with, they are being held back from fully coming into their destiny. I don't care how long you've been saved, or even how long you've been in ministry, if you have not dealt with the demonic strongholds in your life, and especially the ones that were passed down generationally, then you need to! Now is the time to walk in complete freedom!! HERE is the full word that was posted in Charisma Magazine.

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