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✳These are the words that the Lord gave to Darin and myself 4 years ago this week, in Nov 2016. We were in an intense prayer meeting in the mountains, close to where GA, TN, and NC meet. You can hear the audio of much of these words on my timline from yesterday.

The words are somewhat long, but I believe are more relevant for this time in our nation than ever, and more pivitol for the time we are coming into. Let those who have an ear👂, hear what the Spirit says... 🙏🔥🇺🇸

Words from Nov. 2016....

RIVER OF FIRE ~ Amanda Shiflett:

⏩“I hear the Lord say, that even as the fires burn, and even as they begin to diminish, after the burning will come the flow of the river…and from the mountains will come a flow that has not been seen before. From the mountains down ~ for just as the waters come to fill the rivers and lakes in the land, they come from the mountains…even as the waters come from the mountains, so also will My waters come from these mountains. And it will be as if it were, molten lava flowing down, flowing down and touching everything ~ everything that it touches will be set ablaze with My Spirit ~ everything that touches, that even comes close to the lava, to the River of Fire that will be flowing from the mountains, it will be consumed.

It will not be stopped, for no one can stop the lava from flowing, there is not one thing on earth, says the Lord, even in the natural, that can stop lava from flowing ~ for once it comes forth from the mountain tops, it flows down until it flows into the river, and I declare that it will itself become a river, it will become a refreshing river ~ It will be as if it were, the water and the fire together! The fire to purify, and the water to refresh and cleanse…the fire to keep a flame within you, but the waters to refresh and cleanse! A river of fire, says the Lord, will come from the mountains, and it will flow downward. It will start here in the East and it will move to the West. The Lord would say, that it would seem where the fire is, people would say nothing can grow ~ but the Lord says, where My Fire is, everything grows…everything GROWS exponentially! Wherever the River flows, there will be growth…wherever the River flows there shall be life, there will be life abundant ~ abundant LIFE wherever My River flows!

ARISE AMERICA ~ Amanda Shiflett:

For now is the time for you America…Now is the time for you to once again be that beacon on a hill, now is the time for you to be the torch that is lit ~ I am lighting you afresh America, I am lighting you afresh. Just as many times in the past, you have sent others to preach in other lands, so I say that there will be more that are rising up in this land ~ So I say that there will be those that will rise up and be sent to the uttermost parts of the earth…but more than that, you will be sent to other parts of this Nation, and I say that there are more that are with you, than are against you! Stand up America ~ stand up and be that torch on a hill, be that city on a hill, be that burning lamp on hill…and declare that I am the King of Glory, and that I am coming in ~ that I am coming in through the East ~ Declare that I am coming in! For just as you have declared America, that you will stand with Israel, so I will stand with you! Because you have stood with My people, so I will stand with you! I will stand with your nation ~ it will not crumble, it will not go down…because My people have prayed, and they have humbled themselves, and they have sought My face, they have repented from their evil ways…so I have heard from heaven, and I will hear from heaven, and I will heal their land! For this lava that flows will heal the land, this lava that flows will be like the balm of Gilead, that will flow to every scar, to every wound that has been in this Nation, and it will heal…even the deep wounds of slavery, even the deep wounds of what was done to the Native people will be healed, says the Lord.


“WILDFIRES in the Spirit…fires that they can not be controlled. This fire that we’ve seen is an indicator of the fires in the Spirit that cannot be controlled by man, representing the Wildfires that are going to burn, and it’s starting in the high places. The Lord would say that as I’m burning away the chaff, I’m starting in the high places. There’s going to be a shock wave effect, and when I come to burn, I’m going to burn away everything that is impure, starting with government, starting with the Ekklesia! I hear the Lord say, as I’m burning away the chaff, I’m taking away what isn’t suppose to be there and replace it, to reconstitute the purposes and the intention that I created them for.

The Lord would say…”I will give them beauty for ashes”, and the Lord would say when the purging from the fires have come, there is going to be ash, and there’s going to come beauty out of those ashes…it’s going to come forth shining like gold ~ and this is happening that they may come forth as Trees of Righteousness. As the chaff is being burned away, and after the purifying, then they will be Trees of Righteousness. This is the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified! (Isaiah 61). The Lord would say, I’m raising up a generation that will host My Presence, that will host My Glory…and they are not afraid of both Fire and Love. For I am a God of balanced scales…for Justice and Righteousness are the foundations of My throne ~ I’m going to raise up a generation who will sit in their seat, and will talk loudly. The Lord would say, I’m going to purify My bride, and I’m starting in the high places.”

Click below to read the original full word.

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